Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Phone hang!

Wow! I thought I could stress-test just my comp! Turns out that even my mobile phone is susceptible to my usage. I'd call this my newest stress-testing benchmark for mobile phones. Okay - what I have is a rather old nokia 3530. Yesterday while I was in the lab, busy doing something, I received a message which warranted a quick reply. I went on the replying path very rapidly. I've got delivery reports set to "on". So, while checking up and deleting the report, my cell phone "hung". YES, it hung bloody! And what more?? I've been able to "reproduce" the hang quite consistently - now I know the exact sequence of operations that leads to a hang.

Since I work on firmware, I can guess that even mobile phones have their own OS (what nokia calls as "nokia OS"). These wont be a full fledged OS but a minimal implementation of job scheduling and dispatch and may be some trivial memory management. And some sort of firmware that runs over this OS service is responsible for all the activities that the user expects. This hang could well be the result of some sort of deadlock within the phone firmware. Err - now can I report this somewhere?? :D


  1. I think you would do very well if you turned into a test engineer than a s/w developer (rumours are rife that testing guys get a bigger paycheck than us poor developers). Since your tendencies seem to point in that direction, might as well make money out of it ;-)...

    And if (values > money), we poor developers are always there to take care of the extra money ;-))

    What say dude?

  2. sub0 - You read the tendencies wrong! I just happened to find such a thing on my mobile. And I went about thinking abt it from a developer's perspective. Even developers do come across bugs in this industry - ain't it??
    So, accepting the 'rumors' for a moment, I'm still on the poorer side ;-) and have no intentions to switch factions!! :))

  3. hey maga, wat was the nature of the hang? i mean did the report that came to ur screen while typing a msg(the traditional nokia tick mark!!) stick to the screen and not go no matter what?

  4. well, i dunno much of technicalities of how a mobile works... but logically (my logic :p) i think its not only memory management, but time management too which matters here... if u navigate very fast and that navigation speed is more than the default speed set in the OS, the phone hangs

  5. From your original post :
    >> Wow! I thought I could stress-test just my comp! Turns out that even my mobile phone is susceptible to my usage. I'd call this my newest stress-testing benchmark for mobile phones

    Well, I have not heard of developers on this side of the world *stress-testing* their apps, or setting *newest* (read improving ;-)) *benchmarks*... :-p. That's exactly what the testing folks are for right ;-)

  6. murali - nature of the hang? well "HANG" :P well, it just hung at the point it showed me my inbox

    raju - what's this navigation speed and its default you're talking abt??

    sub0 - huh, you can say i'm a jack of multiple trades :D. but as i said i've no intentions to defect the poorer faction!

  7. well nokia OS can surely hang and software can go for a toss too... One fine day my phone just gave a blank screen... I first thought it was problem with the batt..later got to know the prob...

    And yes...developers also do testing and sometimes do stress testing too... After all whatever they develop dont they test it???

  8. Being a developer,I agree with art that developers (should) do testing as well. According to me fixing a bug is easier than finding it out. And well done Srinivas for widening your horizons and doing stress testing on the humble nokia handset.

  9. How about trying to claim refund under the warranty clause?

  10. art, pratibha - ya, developers are supposed to do some sort of testing. we do unit testing for our fixes/new features ourselves in our team.

    pratibha - well, i was not at all trying to stress test my mobile. i did'nt know that my normal style of usage would stress it out! :D

    baejaar - my mobile is almost 3 years old. so, claiming warranty is out of question. actually what i wanted to do is to get this matter to the nokia developers. "report a bug" kinda thing...

  11. try this link to report the bug.,,45383,00.html

  12. done - sent a feedback abt it to nokia :D


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