Monday, June 06, 2005


Scene - 1

> "Shall I announce your name for the next month's concert?"
> > "I am not sure about it. I may not be in station."
> "But I need to make some announcement today. So I want a definite yes/no now"
> > "Use your own judgement. I am not sure that I will be here during that time. That's all I can say"
> "Pah! You are becoming more and more unresponsive!" ...

Scene - 2

> "We are all meeting up today at 6-30. Can you make it?"
> > "Where?"
> "Place yet to be decided"
> > "(Great)Who all are coming?"
> "Does that really influence your coming or not coming?"
> > "May be, may be not. But I want to know"
> "You are impossible!"

Scene - 3

> "So, what's new?"
> > "I'm travelling dimensions these days and by constant meditation, I've been able to increase my brain utilization to 60%"
> "Oooookkk. What dimensions???!!! I use my brain 100%"
> > "Or so you think. Normally humans don't use their brains beyond 20%. Once you start using your brain more and more, you'll realise that there exist many dimensions, each of which have their own 'YOU' and the rest of the world"
> "Hey, you must be sitting outside temples, preaching this stuff. You can earn some money too that way..."
> > "This is just the type of despicable thinking that an under-utilized brain is capable of!"
[THUD] ... [OUCH] (and some ROFLMAOs too!)

Scene - 4

> "I told you we won't get tickets! Now see - what a waste coming all the way till here! Its your fault!!!!"
> > "Relax... we can still make the most of the visit - let's go eat someplace"
> "Tikka - now you must pay 10 bucks for my car parking and you must buy tickets for all of us for this movie next saturday!"
> > "Whatever!"

Scene - 5

> "Hey we must contact our HOD to see if we can 'impart gyan' to our ISE juniors. What do you say guys? Anyone with me??"
> > "That's a good idea. So, are you planning to charge for our 'services'??"
> "No. Of course not. It's just mutual benefit. We'll get to interact with fresh, young minds and they'll benefit from our experience. Moreover, it'll be a great way to spend time on a saturday!"
> > "Count me in!!"

Hmm... Scenes 1-4 - Makes me sick of weekends.
Scene 5. Thing looking up. Not a bad weekend afterall...

Song: AudioSlave - What you are (Idea courtesy - Girish)


  1. muaahahahahahahaha [:D]

  2. goobe i was just laughing at ur plight :-p
    thats a "Ravan Laugh"
    muahahahahaha :-p

  3. watch out! there's a ravan seeking missile homing down!!!!


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