Thursday, June 30, 2005

Today's gyan

What my great grandfather says...
Whenever you have a nightmare in the early hours of the morning, its likely to come true...

What I say...
Whenever you have nightmare in the early hours of the morning, you're likely to have a great day ahead, but with a minor skirmish... (<---- GYAN)

Lets take today, for instance. I'm woken up by a horrible nightmare at 4-30am. The moment I woke up, I don't remember exactly what the nightmare was... A friend of mine had given a crash course on - "How to remember your dreams/nightmares even after you get up from sleep - in 3 days"!!!! All that has long gone out to the dumpster! :)) (Hope she doesn't read this ;-P) Anyway, back to what I was saying - I got woken up at 4-30am... now what to do?? Wait a minute, remember me gyan?? I switch on my comp and start playing "Project-IGI". Yeah, yeah, I've finished that game some 32 times almost 3 years ago!!! But that game has sentimental value to me... Its the last game that ever ran or could be ran on my comp - see, my comp is also quite aged with old hardware!! Starting from the first mission, I kick every single gaurd's ass with a wide array of weapons like - Glock, Desert eagle, Mp5-Sd3, M16-A2, AK-47, Minimi, Spas-12, Jackhammer, Dragunov, Proximity mines, Flashbangs, etc, etc, etc. I finish 8 missions in 2 hours! All setting up for a great day ahead! Then I start my usual morning routine, setup my favorites' playlist on the media player and go to the bathroom for cleaning myself up... nice n slow, rhythm building, electrifying guitaring rushing the adrenalin on, and suddenly........
loud sounds of band-baaja, totally out-of-tune dholaks and many [what do they call that??]s... What the **** is happening?? Wait a minute, remember my gyan?? Minor skirmish... I peek out of the window to see what that's all abt... seemed to me like a baraat... DAMMIT. Okay - one more reason for me not to marry... have a baraat like this and spoil some dude's morning paradise???? NEVER!

And how do I know its likely to be a great day ahead?? Well, somehow I can just feel it... :)
Oh ya - I'm very pleased to see myself referenced in a very honorable way on the blog of my fellow liverpool fan! :)


  1. Is that only nightmares that come true? My grandma told me that, whatever you dream in the early morning will come true. But everytime, i forget-to-remember my dream :-P. and therefore could not prove whether she was right or wrong. :-D
    sentiments and beliefs aside....your , todays gyan is good. more better would be ...."Whatever may be the dream, and no matter at what time you wake up, you have a great day ahead :-P "(assumption:you get up atleast before morning==>noon)

  2. Your day is how you make it... Dreams have got nothing to do with it.

    And if I remember properly, you have played Undying more than IGI & you could finish all levels in under 2 or 3 hours or so..

    Anyway, have a great day..

  3. Your enthusiasm to play the same old game amuses me ;-), and for the first time I have heard that somebody actually kicked a guard's ass using a *flashbang* :-D !!

    And dude - relax!! You don't have to give graphic details about your daily bathing exercises ;-))

    >> "Okay - one more reason for me not to marry... "

    Mind sharing the others ;-))

    And finally, whats the moral of the story, how has your day been? :-)

  4. heap - thank you

    vv - ya undying i finished before IGI. and IGI was the last game i could install and run properly on my machine!

    sub0 - well, i could use flashbang as the means to kick a gaurd's ass!! :))
    and, i've not revealed any graphic details :D
    other reasons - i would not like to share them - :D
    finally - there's no moral - just another phaltoo post eh??

  5. The only FPS that runs with a good "fps" is Quake 3. I haven't played that game since May 8th 2004(last day at college). Time for a major upgrade.

  6. sanjiv - yeah, me too thinking of buying a new comp! a total monster of a gamer pc!!!!

  7. PA_RISC or IA64? :-D

  8. People who get married can't be called 'The Dude'. Please be a little more careful with the word. Its easy to toss it around. But there can be only one dude.

  9. naren - still to decide b/w laptop/desktop

    sub0 - dude, i'm not buying some high end HP server!!

    avi - read properly! in my post 'dude' is used to refer to the person who's interrupted by a baraat! so, that's not the guy getting married! and, since i was in a similar situation, i am the dude before the 'dude' i mentioned in my post! and you may be 'dude' in your own world!! :D

  10. Those who pretend to be misogynists are the ones who marry early. I bet by the time I marry, Srini would be busy "ruling the world" (meaning "rocking the cradle"; remember "ammavra ganda"? ) and Avi would have produced god knows how many "Dudelets" :)

  11. How about HL? Its another nice game which will run smoothly even in antiquated PCs like mine.

  12. gos - how 'bout betting on that??

    baejaar - pardon my ignorance. but what's HL?


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