Thursday, June 23, 2005

Then and now...

I used to play violin - now I don't
I used to sing classical music - now I don't
I used to play cricket everyday - now I don't(can't)
I used to go for a walk every night - now I don't
I used to get up late - now I don't
I used to read books - now I don't (I read stuff from the comp)
I used to be scared of people in newsgroups - now I'm not
I used to hate travelling - now I don't (In fact I've become a compulsive traveller!)
I used to like boy-bands - now I don't
I used to trust people - now I don't
I used to have a best friend - now I don't
I used to buy eatables to bring to office - now I don't
I used to get very attached to people - now I don't
I used to have lunch/tea with colleagues in the cafeteria - now I don't

I used to be a nice guy - now I'm not

Well does life get any better
more yesterdays than today
How I thought the sun would shine tomorrow
But it rained

But some things in life never change

I still like classical music along with hard rock/metal
I still like participating in technical discussions
I still like to mix technical jargon in my day-to-day speech
I still like stress testing my comp
I still like to hang out with friends
I still like to spend time with family (esp my 1 yr old nephew!)

I still am myself...


  1. Coincidence!! I was going to write about the same thing!!
    But now I won't!

    "I used to be scared of people in newsgroups" - ?????

  2. Srini.. u are still the same da! A trustable buddy, whom I know I can call up anytime and talk anything.. dont worry.. u are a nice guy only. u cant change that coz someone thinks so, please dont .. Come on da.. dont u see us around u at all!??! :-)))

  3. What about "I did not fancy myself as a photographer, but now I do? ;-p"

  4. keshav - hey, you write your version of the same thing man - i'd like to read... and ya, i was scared to ask questions in newsgroups, 'cos people there tend to blast you if the question is silly!

    naren - i can see many ppl around me. what you think abt me is your opinion. i don't think i'm a nice guy anymore - that's all...

    sub zero - welcome to the world of blogging! :) yes, i can definitely add that. but since you've already mentioned that in the comment, i'd leave it there :P

  5. Seems like u have changed...but i dont know...Change is the constant thing in life...
    So many questions.... y then is not there now??

  6. arathi - so many different reasons for why then is not there now... i can provide reasons for a few of them but not all - you want me to mention them here?

  7. well some private things u need not disclose.. but like y u dont pusue or hobbies anymore... such things u can surely post..

  8. violin/singing - very less time and dwindling interest
    cricket - no time, even though i want to play. sometimes, i do get to play during weekends
    walking at night - lost interest
    read books - no time, spend more time with computer - that's why
    travelling - propelled by my interest in photography
    boy-bands - part of growing up i guess :P
    these are reasons for some of the changes...

  9. raju - i thot u had done that long ago!! :O

  10. hmmm... its true as time goes by our hobbies and interests also change

  11. arathi - yes, people change with time. not much anyone can do abt it...


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