Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Sunset from atop a BWSSB water tank! Posted by Hello

This snap was taken standing on top of the BWSSB water tank in Banashankari 3rd stage. It was about 6-45 in the evening and was getting very dark. Climbing to the top of the water tank just to take the photo was really worth the effort.


  1. Oh.. you actually climbed atop the water tank.. kewl man.. bravo.. bravo!! ;-)

  2. Now i can prove u aint human [:p]

  3. @naren - ya. it was somewhat adventurous :D

    @raju - ya rite! i am god! :))

  4. Thats a nice snap. Dont know where this is. Is it the BTM tank?

    BTW I am still wondering whether you require the date imprinted in the snap itself?

  5. @baejaar - thanks. this is the banashankari 3rd stage water tank. its nearer to the ring road that goes towards mysore road.
    ya - i've changed my cam settings not to record the date now.


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