Wednesday, June 08, 2005


A streak in the late evening sky Posted by Hello

Time was almost 7 and the relatively high contrast setting would give a great picture, even in almost dark conditions. This was taken from the open playground near my home. I loved the colors on this photo.


  1. Yenu!!

    Obsessed with photography! Is it? It's a nice one btw!

  2. @heap of emotions - thanks :)

    @keshav - not really obsessed. but ya I am spending time everyday on it.

  3. Terrific!! Good photography too! Which cam did u use?

  4. @vaibhav - Thanks :) I have a sony DSC-P73 cybershot 4 megapixel camera.

  5. this is sooo beautiful...after going thru some photography blogs i dont know how but my interest in photography is kindled....guess i have friends like you to help me further .i m really serious this time .

  6. Meetu - thanks :) I am not a very good photographer yet. What I try to do is to have my camera with me ALL THE TIME. Whenever I see something that appears beautiful, I try to capture it. I've observed that the photo does not look anywhere near to the beautiful thing you saw with your eyes. This happens many times. But with some time, we just know how a photo would look almost close to what we saw in reality.


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