Friday, June 24, 2005

Still more of Kodai!!!!

Commercial side of Kodai Posted by Hello

I call this 'Layers' :) Posted by Hello

Trees amidst clouds! Posted by Hello

Fog everywhere! This was how it was when we started our 'trekking'!! Posted by Hello

Trek continued... Posted by Hello

The FM transmitter tower - I somehow liked this :) Posted by Hello

A write-up on the trip coming over the weekend :)
So then, any comments on these pics??


  1. You have really had a good time ........
    "Layers" was too good...and the name is apt......
    Keep it up........
    Expecting the write-up soon.......

  2. pics are wonderful.... more n more of clouds wow!!!!!!!
    and the layers pic... name is so apt :)

    expecting the write up soon :)

  3. heap, arathi - thank you, thank you :)
    one thing you might not have noticed... in the FM transmitter pic, the clouds are moving through the tower and not above the tower. this might not be very evident from the pic, at the first glance...

  4. The layered picture is great!! That's exactly the surroundings I want to go for a holiday!!

    Reminds me of my village.. though the hills in the backdrop are missing there!

    The trek picture, in the woods is also great!

  5. Fundoo pics...
    My team-mates also looked at the pics and they were very impressed. Looks like your passion for photography is going the right way ;-) Post more!!

  6. keshav - wow, good that many ppl agree abt the 'layers' photo. your village must be picturesque :)
    the trek photo is good, but the trek was tiring!!!!

    sub 0 - see, i told you that i'm a decent photographer! ;)

  7. Awesome pics da.. layers, FM tower and trekking pics are too good.. being there would have been too cool!!! u are defnintely improving as a photographer.. :-))

  8. Hey the last one looks not exactly but like The Eiffel Tower of india i must say n this is only because of the way u have clicked it hehaw.
    U r really gd at photohraphy n pls do include pics with ur write up so that we can relate to wat u njoyed there n can also feel the fun.

  9. naren - wait for some more...

    lost one - eiffel tower of india, well that's a mighty big compliment. thanks :)
    ya, a good idea to include pics in the write-up. will do that...

  10. Anonymous3:29 pm IST

    cool pics!!!
    Good camera u got! (notice that i am not commenting on ur skills)
    seriosuly, they were awesome pics.. i dont remember seeing them on ur comp the other day..!?!

  11. girish - i had forgotten the other memory stick, remember??

  12. Had a nice vacation? Its too difficult to chose the best one among all the snap from Kodai. They are really beautiful. Your snaps are tempting me to make a return visit to Kodai.

  13. baejaar - yep, was super awesome!

  14. The photos are all too good, an ace photographer in the making! The layers and the trees amidst the fog are the awesome..

  15. Pratibha - gee thanks :)
    'sup - long time no new posts?


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