Friday, June 10, 2005

Sky Angel

Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.
~ Rabindranath Tagore Posted by Hello

This photo was taken about a week ago from the terrace of one of my friends' house. It seemed to me like an angel floating in the sky - That's why the caption 'Sky Angel'...


  1. The best one till date!
    Truly wonderful!

  2. Great one.....reminds me of my chilhood , when i used to 'see' shapes of people,animals,angels etc., in clouds.....

  3. Great one.....reminds me of my chilhood , when i used to 'see' shapes of people,animals,angels etc., in clouds..... well this one reminds me of .....vanilla icecream :-p

  4. hahaha... heap is right;)
    it reminds me of vanilla ice cream... yummmmyyyyyy ;)

  5. keshav - thanks man! i liked this one too! one of my best :)

    heap and raju - well, freely eat into your fantasies!! :))

  6. this reminds me of the view i get from the window seat of an aircraft..

  7. arch - i guess it'd have been even better from an aircraft! hmm... must try that sometime :D

  8. beautiful :)
    As a child i also wanted to give the clouds some names and shapes and always thought they are some kind of magic... until i got to know what clouds really are... but even now i try to view images in clouds...

  9. art - thanks :)
    reminds me of that LG flatron ad where a kid can see animals in clouds :))
    welcome to my blog and keep visiting :)

  10. Must say a g8 job of capturing those sublime moments when time, weather and circumstance all come together and the nature reveals its beauty.
    A moment in time like that is "Once in Eternity" opportunity. It has about the same chances of happening again as there are of finding identical snowflakes.
    Hey keep it up...

  11. the lost one - hey thanks :)
    keep visiting. btw - why the name "the lost one"??

  12. I love the feeling of being slightly lost becos it makes me scary and uncomfortable.
    And the effect of that? Well, it drives me to join, mix with others, to be in company when i would really prefer it otherwise.

    For me fear of being lost is one of the key issues in binding people together in life...So always keep that fear of being lost one with me...thats how i think of it.

  13. lost one - hmm... that's quite deep. but you know what, i think all that is quite unnecessary. all you need to be consious of is that you have the want to mingle with people - so just go ahead and realise what you want :)
    all this is say 'cos - i believe life must be with minimal complications :)
    keep smiling n keep visiting :)


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