Thursday, June 16, 2005

Poem for my friends

Just could not resist posting this - was sent by one of my good friends by e-mail.


Was thinking of old friends today
and how many of them have slipped away.
Moved, got married, or stopped calling so much,
Found new friends, got busy, and just lost touch.
It reminded me of falling leaves.
Every autumn the leaves fall from the trees.
Some stay longer than others, but eventually -
Each leaf must fall, I'm told,
leaving the tree alone to face the cold.
Why is it that in the time of utmost need
the leaves would seek to leave the tree?
And when we need our friends around
we look and they cannot be found?
Of course these friendships come and go
and in the spring new leaves will grow.
But I prefer autumn friends of old
with crackling laughter and colors bold.
And then I thought of you.
That one stubborn leaf that won't let go.
That clings despite the winds that blow.
Fighting ice, and snow, and winter's stings
Hanging on right through till spring.
So I guess that's what you are to me -
The very last leaf to leave the tree.
I know it seems silly, but its true.
When I see that last leaf...I think of you.
....dont drift away.... will you???


  1. i have sent the poem to all my old,close friends.....Im sure they will also like it.....

  2. Thats a amazing one.

    When I see that last leaf...I think of you.
    ....dont drift away.... will you???

    Hey when i asked the same question in different words the answer i got was

    Old Jeans,
    Old Sneakers,
    Old Friends - -
    The good stuff just gets better with time.

  3. Just what i was referring to in my last post....;)
    awesome poem :)

  4. heap - i knew you would like it. i expect its been sent to me too! :P

    naren - thanks :)

    lost one - ya, last two lines were the best. and hey, that's a nice simile! Old jeans, sneakers, friends...

    keshav, raju - thanks :) poet not known to me. this was sent to me by a friend of mine. have to ask her abt it...

    thanks all :)


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