Tuesday, June 21, 2005

More of Kodai!

Sunrise - Err, was a bit late for that :P Posted by Hello

Water from the surface!! Posted by Hello

Up above the clouds! Posted by Hello

Beautiful flower Posted by Hello

Fog on the highway! Posted by Hello

Greenery everywhere! Posted by Hello

There are some of the photos I liked... Will post more over the next few days! Meanwhile, please feel free to describe these pictures in your own words thru comments. Also, which do you think is the besst among these?


  1. Anonymous5:15 pm IST

    i liked the flower and the fogged highway!!
    waiting for more ...

  2. all of them are too good, the foggy highway is the best..

  3. girish, pratibha - thanks a lot :)
    actually, the one up above the clouds is my personal favorite. Taking that photo, I felt completely in the arms of mother nature. It was just a great feeling that cannot be described clearly in words!

  4. The first three are simply amazing.. you don't get to catch clouds below you often!!

    Simply superb!
    You are maturing as a photographer.

  5. awesome pictures srini.....i liked each one of them....... especially ,"up above the coluds" is fantastic....
    more pictures to be uploaded ?

  6. keshav - thanks buddy :) it was a great feeling to be walking amidst clouds all the time!

    heap - thanks lo.

    yes - more photos to be uploaded in the coming days :)

  7. now i know what i missed!! :-(
    Up above the clouds is just tooooo good!!! awesome pics da...

  8. well picking up a fav is diff... all of them are so good... I personally love the 3 pic...

    Always fascinated by clouds :)

    Waiting for more pics :)

  9. naren - yes buddy - you missed it alrite!

    arathi - ya, the cloud one is my fav too! so, we both share a fascination towards clouds! will post some more shortly...

  10. hi,
    my favourite is Water from the surface!!

    its like u see the rythmic dancing of the waves and hear the gurgling sound of water which is music to the ears used to the noise of the city

    nice trip it looks like. how many days did u tour and how did u go..some details about the distance and travel tips to kodai will be very useful man :)

  11. karthik - thanks man. ya, i'm getting lots of requests to post details of the trip. i'll try my best to put down my experiences in words. 'cos i'm not a natural writer... will do it over the weekend. keep checking in...:)

    terrific photo-skills srini...loved ALL OF 'EM!

  13. manu - thanks man, and all the best for your egg-jams :)


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