Friday, June 03, 2005


Just when I thought that there's no other path to go forward, after the main path that I was walking on lead me to a dead-end, just when I was almost down and out being stuck at the dead end for almost 2 months, now I'm beginning to see small multiple paths lighting up. And I've a feeling that they all confluence down the line. Just need to see which one I take up. And I must agree that I'd gotten into an illusion of safety which blinded me from sensing the impending disaster. Onto the road to recovery now.

This week has been one great week...

1) With 2 of my team-mates on leave, I'd more work to tend to and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Looks like I'll have to fix a very interesting deadlock problem.

2) A pleasant visit from my cousin from USA who had never seen India in her life till now. She was born in USA and after 24 years she's come to India to meet all the family and cousins. Had a great time with my uncle and her.

3) A few of my junior friends from college got calls for tests in HP and have cleared the test also. Now they are waiting for interview calls. Glad I could be of help to them.

4) Nowadays I'm having great discussions with my classmates over conferences. Everyone has changed so much and yet they all seem the same in some way. Feels great to talk to people with varied interests and viewpoints.

5) And I bought this thing that I've wanted to have all my life. Won't tell what that is. That's going to be my second companion after my bike. Need to search for a good name for it :)

The chocolate looked delicious to look at. But once put into the mouth, it was bitter to the core and the bad taste still remains...


  1. Hmm.. Optimism pays!! Glad you discovered it!

    And please let others know, who's that new memeber of your family!

    Shall I suggest the name - call it wife!! You already have a kid!


  2. How can a wife come after kid?? And the new member - even though is an inanimate thing, but is definitely male - LOL

  3. Well, catch up with life dude.. society has advanced a lot!! Wife can come much later these days!!

    And now, when you say it's a "male thing", I am more eager!!

    Disclose please!!!!!!


  4. Whoa - I did mention that its an inanimate object. But its something that's not feminish.
    And I stand by my word - sorry dude. No can't do!


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