Tuesday, June 14, 2005

China gems

This is dedicated to a gang of unique people who used to disrupt the sane traffic on a growing 12th main of a very strange area of Bangalore... specifically to one individual who would probably never read this!
Boys from varied backgrounds, wherever they'd be the entire day would meet everyday at two times at two distinct places.
4-30PM - 12th main road, near the sign board
8-30PM - At the temple 'katte'
Following are just a sample collection of what transpired on different occasions...

> Lo maga, I got a new computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>> OOOOOOOO - coooooooooool
> Okay - quick. I've got this floppy - copy the modem from your comp. I've to copy it on my comp and start using internet!!!!
(Five to six people rolling on the floor, as if their dresses have caught fire!)

> Hey, A CD writer costs just Rs.50 on SP road!!!!!
>> Bah! NO way!! Who told you??
> I went and inquired myself!! Seriously!!!!
>> Chance e illa! Lo, you must be hallucinating!!!!
> Illa maga - he said that its just Rs.50 but its a 'use once and throw' kind of CD writer. You can write only one CD with it!
(Again - Five to six people rolling on the floor, as if their dresses have caught fire!)

> Lo, I must start bowling with my left arm...
>> Yaako le, right arm chennagi madtyalla??
> I seem to have got more chest on my right - may be due to my constant bowling. So, I need to start bowling with my left arm!
(Yet again - - Five to six people rolling on the floor, as if their dresses have caught fire!)

(This is concerning a person who prefers to remain anonymous in the cyberspace due to reasons only imaginable!)
Famous for his unique dribbling skills, and known to hold possession of the football... One fine day, our hero manages to evade every single opposition man by flailing his arms wildly...
> Lo, this guy must be in a swimming pool, look at him, he's flashing his arms as if trying to keep from drowning!
Our hero manages to hear some of this and menacingly questions...
> He he...err nothing. I said that you must be in Liverpool with skills like that!

:)) ROFLMAO!!!!

And not to mention the spicy stuff written on each and every card in a deck of playing cards!
Manu - can you remember any other stuff - pls feel free to put it on the comments! Would be a very hilarious remembrance - LOL!

PS: I hope at least some ppl got the significance of the (mis-spelt) caption for this post :) (But for the last one)


  1. "I seem to have got more chest on my right".

    Me rolling on the floor as if my dress has caught fire!

    Hilarious!! I wanna see that guy!

  2. Awesome collection man... i wanna meet all the ppl!!! out rite comical... ROFLMAO.

  3. keshav - in fact all the first 3 episodes are courtesy - this guy! and ya, if and when i meet hi, i'll let you know - 'cos nowadays he's a very busy man!

    naren - meeting all ppl would b difficult... everyone scattered now.

  4. Wow! Hilarious! I dint get the pun in the caption, never mind, but it was too good..

  5. idu mosa :|:|
    y only few people must know about "china gems"???
    y not us :-\

  6. pratibha - ya, being in such a mixed bag of a gang will always have such hilarious moments. there are so many of them - am just waiting for my friend manu to post anything else he might remember :)

    raju - lo, its no use even if i tell you what that means. it has a special meaning in the context of this gang. outside, its just a phrase! even then if you want to know, lets take it offline :P

  7. And to think that i was responsible for china!!!!

    Anyways, how about monisha monisha and "bhyyyy"??? Do they count? After this special person of the past was also part( a very surprising part) of the few unique ppl tht u r talkin abt!!

  8. murali - you bet. of course they do count... had totally forgotten abt them :))

  9. nice ones........ u must have had hell lot of fun... So does ur gang meet up even now.....

    Dint get what "China gems" mean.........

    Nice post though....

  10. art - thanks. you bet it was a hell lot of fun. these were almost 5 years ago. we had a huge gang - abt 10-15 ppl. now only 4-5 remain in my area. others are still in touch but we don't meet that often.
    anyone from that gang reading this - guys, we must play a cricket tournament sometime. for ol' times sake :)

  11. lmao....and it all comes flooding back!
    what abt the time he started playing Desparados and claimed that the characters were repeatedly shouting "hey ram"! he was also fixated with the word 'mamos' for a long time after that!

    we shud play a match...boy,were they the happiest days of our lives!

  12. i liked the Liverpool one best! :)
    and the chest on the right was funny too!:)

  13. hehehe... u have morons like him in Bangalore? No wonder ppl think i'm smart :-p

  14. Really nice to know that u ppl are still in contact[atleast few].... Well u can relish ur old times by posting all ur activities here :)

  15. manu - ya and he was totally convinced that the spy in the commandos game says "hai" to some soldier :)) and one more funny incident... you know we were playing and the ball rolled over to the other side of the road where a fellow in karate costume was walking... siva asked him "guru swalpa ball eekade haaku". it turned out that the fellow was a "she" :))

    arch - thanks :) for me each one of these and many more are equally funny to remember after such a long time.

    J - everyone would have to go thru these kinda things to learn new stuff. only this way is hilarious for the others. :) mind you, he's in the software field now!

    art - ya, i'm thinking of posting a 2nd set of these soon :)


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