Thursday, June 30, 2005

Today's gyan

What my great grandfather says...
Whenever you have a nightmare in the early hours of the morning, its likely to come true...

What I say...
Whenever you have nightmare in the early hours of the morning, you're likely to have a great day ahead, but with a minor skirmish... (<---- GYAN)

Lets take today, for instance. I'm woken up by a horrible nightmare at 4-30am. The moment I woke up, I don't remember exactly what the nightmare was... A friend of mine had given a crash course on - "How to remember your dreams/nightmares even after you get up from sleep - in 3 days"!!!! All that has long gone out to the dumpster! :)) (Hope she doesn't read this ;-P) Anyway, back to what I was saying - I got woken up at 4-30am... now what to do?? Wait a minute, remember me gyan?? I switch on my comp and start playing "Project-IGI". Yeah, yeah, I've finished that game some 32 times almost 3 years ago!!! But that game has sentimental value to me... Its the last game that ever ran or could be ran on my comp - see, my comp is also quite aged with old hardware!! Starting from the first mission, I kick every single gaurd's ass with a wide array of weapons like - Glock, Desert eagle, Mp5-Sd3, M16-A2, AK-47, Minimi, Spas-12, Jackhammer, Dragunov, Proximity mines, Flashbangs, etc, etc, etc. I finish 8 missions in 2 hours! All setting up for a great day ahead! Then I start my usual morning routine, setup my favorites' playlist on the media player and go to the bathroom for cleaning myself up... nice n slow, rhythm building, electrifying guitaring rushing the adrenalin on, and suddenly........
loud sounds of band-baaja, totally out-of-tune dholaks and many [what do they call that??]s... What the **** is happening?? Wait a minute, remember my gyan?? Minor skirmish... I peek out of the window to see what that's all abt... seemed to me like a baraat... DAMMIT. Okay - one more reason for me not to marry... have a baraat like this and spoil some dude's morning paradise???? NEVER!

And how do I know its likely to be a great day ahead?? Well, somehow I can just feel it... :)
Oh ya - I'm very pleased to see myself referenced in a very honorable way on the blog of my fellow liverpool fan! :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Never, in the recent past, have I been so occupied with various stuff. (Observe no posts since friday!) Ummm - Well lets see where to start - Okay weekend.

Saturday morning I get up, I don't why/how, but I feel this sudden urge to go to a book shop and buy some books. So, I leave for book paradise right after a late breakfast. 3 hours later, I'm at home with 5 books!

1) Exceptional C++ - Herb Sutter
2) More exceptional C++ - Herb Sutter (This guy's the chief architect for the MS VC++ team)
3) Design Patterns - By the famous 'gang of 4'
4) C traps and pitfalls - Andrew Koenig
5) Excuses, excuses, excuses - [Don't remember the author - but really funny to read!]

I got so much engrossed into the books that I skipped some social function on sunday. Monday I come to office and viola, loads of work formed right in front of me - like manure from compost!! As I'm writing this, I see a mail pop-up... must be another escalation! Phew! Yesterday, there were many small discussions...

1) Avinash was of the opinion that the 'singleton' pattern does not need any special implementation in C++. According to him, a class with just static data and static members would be as good as a singleton.
Partly agreeable. 'Cos static members are class wide - so there would be only single instances of all the members. But there's nothing that's expressly disallowing users from instantiating multiple objects. Also, without careful class design, there's no way to control the construction and destruction of these static members. May be the members need a constructor-like initialization and not just static initialization. But something to think about anyway.

2) Goutham - One of the constant critiques of C++ questions that in the C++ singleton implementation, why is there a need for a private static handle to the same class - why can't the private handle be a normal member of the class?
Okay, had not really thought about this. What I feel is that such a construct is not safe. A pointer within an object (just 1 object - mind you, its a singleton) to self - No, that's not safe. What might happen if that object is to be serialized onto backing store? Object serialization usually uses deep-copy semantics. This means, that the object serialization would recurse endlessly. This was what I could think of. There might be other and more compelling reasons for it too.

3) Microsoft is drafting the new C++/CLI standard that's likely to get approved in 2006/2007. What the new standard is all about is bringing 'Concrete C++ language on the virtual platform' (As quoted by Herb Sutter in his keynote address at the OOPLSA). What is aims to do is to bring the best from the worlds of C++ and managed languages together.
Imagine -
'Destructors and finalizers' together! ( T::~T() and T::!T() - These are the new syntax)
'Templates and Generics' together!
Ability to create objects on system heap or the managed runtime heap!
(T* ptr = new T; and T^ gcPtr = gcnew T; - This is the new syntax)
The complete video of the keynote address is available here. Do have a look at it! Sounds exciting! (Herb Sutter is a great speaker)

Ah well, time for me to get out of my tech fantasy and attend to my work at hand... OnO.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Music tag!

Well, almost everyone in the blogosphere has been writing about the books they read, possess, books which has made a difference to their lives, etc, etc, etc. I'm not a book person at all. Even though I have read a few here n there. I'm very much a music person. One can always see me with my headphones on in office and with earphones/mp3 player during travel. My neighbours even have the privilege(read untold misery) of hearing me sing while I bathe!! So, I thought, why not list out the songs I listen to, possess, and some songs that've made a difference in my life. Well, here goes! And oh ya - ppl interested can take this up too... (This tagging is so rampant! Uff!)

Last album I bought
Iron Maiden - Dance of death

Next album(s) I want to buy
Oasis - Don't believe the truth
Velvet Revolver - Contraband

Last song I downloaded
Stratovarius - Venus in the morning

Last song I heard before this post
Cradle of filth - Hallowed be thy name

All time favorite bands
Pink Floyd
Guns 'N Roses(GNR)
Iron Maiden

All time favorite songs (Not in any particular order)
(Take a deep breath - long list! All of these have had an impact on the way I think)
(List updated: June 03, 2006)
Nothing else matters - Metallica
Fade to black - Metallica
One - Metallica
Master of puppets - Metallica
No leaf clover - Metallica
Turn the page - Metallica
Astronomy - Metallica
Wherever I may roam - Metallica
Unforgiven I/II - Metallica
My friend of misery - Metallica
Enter sandman - Metallica
Memory remains - Metallica
Hero of the day - Metallica
Die, die, die my darling - Metallica
The call of ktulu - Metallica
Blood Brothers - Maiden
Wicker Man - Iron Maiden
Afraid to shoot strangers - Iron Maiden
Clansman - Iron Maiden
Wasted years - Iron Maiden
Phantom of the opera - Iron Maiden
Rainmaker - Iron Maiden
The thin line between love and hate - Iron Maiden
Ghost of the navigator - Iron Maiden
Fallen angel - Iron Maiden
The mercenary - Iron Maiden
Fear of the dark - Iron Maiden
Judas be my guide - Iron Maiden
No prayer for the dying - Iron Maiden
Holy smoke - Iron Maiden
Only the good die young - Iron Maiden
The trooper - Iron Maiden
Alexander the great - Iron Maiden
Infinite dreams - Iron Maiden
The clairvoyant - Iron Maiden
Virus - Iron Maiden
The loneliness of a long distance runner - Iron Maiden
A tout le monde - Megadeth
Wanderlust - Megadeth
Secret place - Megadeth
She wolf - Megadeth
Thought I knew it all - Megadeth
Hangar 18 - Megadeth
Train of consequences - Megadeth
Die dead enough - Megadeth
Trust - Megadeth
This was my life - Megadeth
November rain - GNR
Sweet child 'o mine - GNR
Civil war - GNR
Don't cry - GNR
Yesterdays - GNR
So fine - GNR
Estranged - GNR
Live and let die - GNR
Coma - GNR
Used to love her - GNR
Ain't it fun - GNR
Patience - GNR
Paradise city - GNR
High hopes - Pink Floyd
Another brick in the wall II - Pink Floyd
Hey you - Pink Floyd
Comfortably numb - Pink Floyd
Wish you were here - Pink Floyd
Coming back to life - Pink Floyd
Lost for words - Pink Floyd
Shine on you crazy diamond - Pink Floyd
Time - Pink Floyd
Money - Pink Floyd
Little by little - Oasis
Wonderwall - Oasis
Champagne supernova - Oasis
Don't look back in anger - Oasis
Morning glory - Oasis
The importance of being idle - Oasis
Lyla - Oasis
All around the world - Oasis
Boulevard of broken dreams - Green Day
Wake me up when september ends - Green Day
One more time - Lynyrd Skynyrd
Am I losing? - Lynyrd Skynyrd
Jesus of suburbia - Green Day
Someday - Nickelback
Blurry - Puddle of mudd
Kiss from a rose - Seal
Losing my religion - REM
I'll be there for you - Rembrandts
Walk on - U2
Visions of paradise - Mick Jagger
Drops of jupiter - Train
No boundaries - Michael Angelo
A hamlet for a slothful vassal - Theater of tragedy
Mutter - Rammstein
Mama I'm coming home - Ozzy
Smells like teen spirit - Nirvana
Come as you are - Nirvana
Last kiss - Pearl Jam
Higher - Creed
One last breath - Creed
Stairway to heaven - Led Zeppelin
Stream of consciousness - Dream Theater
Take the time - Dream Theater
Learning to live - Dream Theater
Another day - Dream Theater
Pull me under - Dream Theater
Surrounded - Dream Theater
One last time - Dream Theater
Spirit carries on - Dream Theater
The ytse jam - Dream Theater
Believe in love - Scorpions
Still loving you - Scorpions
Wind of change - Scorpions
Send me an angel - Scorpions
Rock you like a hurricane - Scorpions
Rhythm of love - Scorpions
Holiday - Scorpions
Pour some sugar on me - Def Leppard
Love bites - Def Leppard
Animal - Def Leppard
Lets get rocked - Def Leppard
Two steps behind - Def Leppard
Fall to pieces - Velvet Revolver
Loving the alien - Velvet Revolver
Slither - Velvet Revolver
Set me free - Velvet Revelver
You got no right - Velvet Revolver
4000 rainy nights - Stratovarius
Venus in the morning - Stratovarius
Eagleheart - Stratovarius
Cold winter nights - Stratovarius
Black diamond - Stratovarius
Warning sign - Coldplay
Yellow - Coldplay
White shadows - Coldplay
Fix you - Coldplay
Speed of sound - Coldplay
A message - Coldplay
X&Y - Coldplay
Hardest part - Coldplay
Numb - Linkin Park
In the end - Linkin Park

All time favorite lead singers
Bruce Dickenson(Iron Maiden)
Dave Mustaine(Megadeth)
James HetField(Metallica)
Liam Gallagher(Oasis)
Axl Rose(GNR)

All time favorite lead guitarists
Kirk Hammett (Metallica)
Slash (GNR/Velvet Revolver)
Marty Friedman (Megadeth)

Total Songs(mp3s) I have on my office comp

Total songs(mp3s) I have on my home comp

Total Music CDs I've burned

People who have to take this up

Hmm... waiting to know your musical interests! Then I'll have more new songs to download :)

Still more of Kodai!!!!

Commercial side of Kodai Posted by Hello

I call this 'Layers' :) Posted by Hello

Trees amidst clouds! Posted by Hello

Fog everywhere! This was how it was when we started our 'trekking'!! Posted by Hello

Trek continued... Posted by Hello

The FM transmitter tower - I somehow liked this :) Posted by Hello

A write-up on the trip coming over the weekend :)
So then, any comments on these pics??

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Then and now...

I used to play violin - now I don't
I used to sing classical music - now I don't
I used to play cricket everyday - now I don't(can't)
I used to go for a walk every night - now I don't
I used to get up late - now I don't
I used to read books - now I don't (I read stuff from the comp)
I used to be scared of people in newsgroups - now I'm not
I used to hate travelling - now I don't (In fact I've become a compulsive traveller!)
I used to like boy-bands - now I don't
I used to trust people - now I don't
I used to have a best friend - now I don't
I used to buy eatables to bring to office - now I don't
I used to get very attached to people - now I don't
I used to have lunch/tea with colleagues in the cafeteria - now I don't

I used to be a nice guy - now I'm not

Well does life get any better
more yesterdays than today
How I thought the sun would shine tomorrow
But it rained

But some things in life never change

I still like classical music along with hard rock/metal
I still like participating in technical discussions
I still like to mix technical jargon in my day-to-day speech
I still like stress testing my comp
I still like to hang out with friends
I still like to spend time with family (esp my 1 yr old nephew!)

I still am myself...

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Know Me As I Know Myself
Raju has pinned me. My first tag
Note to Raju: I've copy pasted this from your post with appropriate mods :P

Names You Go By:

Three Screen Names You Have Had:
Err - me not an actor!

Three Physical Things You Like About Yourself:
My Height
Slim figure (??)
My hair style (Again ??)

Three Physical Things You Don't Like About Yourself:
My face
My posture at office :D
Inflexible body

Three Parts Of Your Heritage:


Characteristic heritage


Three Things That Scare You:
Scary code
Wierd hair-styles

Three Of Your Everyday Essentials:
Post on my blog :D
Learn some new technical funda

Three Things You Are Wearing Right Now:
Black T-shirt
Casual jeans
Leather chappals

Three Things You Want In A Relationship:
Understanding (CAPS, Italics, Underlined, quoted!)
One must mean what one says
(Please really mean it if you say "I want us to be good friends forever"!)
Keep things simple

Three statements that are not all true or all false:
I am proficient in C++
I know myself completely
I hate female singers in the english music industry

Three Physical Things About the Opposite Sex That Appeal To You:
Dreamy voice
Good at talking freely and to an extent listening intently
Long hair

Three Things You Want To Do Really Badly Right Now:
Get that new album of Oasis
Learn the concept of template meta-programming in more detail
Get my bike serviced

Three Places You Want To Go On Vacation:
Rio carnival

Three Kids Name You Like:
Mukul (My nephew!)
Harshita (My cousin!)

Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die:
Become a C++ authority
Develop my own operating system
Tobacco farming! :P

Three People Who Have To Take The Quiz Now:
Let me make it 4


PS: Anyone reading this and are interested, can freely do it!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

More of Kodai!

Sunrise - Err, was a bit late for that :P Posted by Hello

Water from the surface!! Posted by Hello

Up above the clouds! Posted by Hello

Beautiful flower Posted by Hello

Fog on the highway! Posted by Hello

Greenery everywhere! Posted by Hello

There are some of the photos I liked... Will post more over the next few days! Meanwhile, please feel free to describe these pictures in your own words thru comments. Also, which do you think is the besst among these?

Monday, June 20, 2005

Kodai hills

Atop the hills in Kodai! Posted by Hello

I will post pictures in batches :D

Back from heaven!!

Hello all!!!!

Me back from kodai. And this whole week I'm in a training that lasts till evening everyday. Will try and post some beautiful snaps dialy. Keep visiting :)

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Poem for my friends

Just could not resist posting this - was sent by one of my good friends by e-mail.


Was thinking of old friends today
and how many of them have slipped away.
Moved, got married, or stopped calling so much,
Found new friends, got busy, and just lost touch.
It reminded me of falling leaves.
Every autumn the leaves fall from the trees.
Some stay longer than others, but eventually -
Each leaf must fall, I'm told,
leaving the tree alone to face the cold.
Why is it that in the time of utmost need
the leaves would seek to leave the tree?
And when we need our friends around
we look and they cannot be found?
Of course these friendships come and go
and in the spring new leaves will grow.
But I prefer autumn friends of old
with crackling laughter and colors bold.
And then I thought of you.
That one stubborn leaf that won't let go.
That clings despite the winds that blow.
Fighting ice, and snow, and winter's stings
Hanging on right through till spring.
So I guess that's what you are to me -
The very last leaf to leave the tree.
I know it seems silly, but its true.
When I see that last leaf...I think of you.
....dont drift away.... will you???

Oh my god! (and some news at the end)

I was really horrified to see this really blatant mistake in production quality code! Usually, bugs in a seasoned product tend to be subtle in nature and more of the logical errors that might have creeped in. But to make a mistake with the language feature itself and to have gone unnoticed for something like 3 years is deplorable! Just to give a simplified example of what the mistake was like...

Someone is calling a function that would count the number of 2 different items and returns their values in the 2 pointer arguments passed.

unsigned itemA = 0;
unsigned itemB = 0;
countItems(&itemA, &itemB);

The function itself goes something like this. My feeling is that the guy who wrote the functions got confused between pointers and references.

void countItems(unsigned *itemA, unsigned *itemB)
  // BUGBUG - setting pointer to 0!!!!
  itemA = 0;
  itemB = 0;
  // Should have been ...
  // *itemA = 0;
  // *itemB = 0;

  // in some loop
    if(/* item is of type A */)
     //BUGBUG - pointer arithmetic!!!!
     // Should have been ...
     // (*itemA)++;
    else if( /* item is of type B */)
     //BUGBUG - pointer arithmetic!!!!
     // Should have been ...
     // (*itemB)++;

The caller or the function itself never dereferenced the pointer and the caller merely used the value later, which would always be 0! And never dereferencing it meant the no one ever got any memory violations!

Anyway - programming horrors aside, this is a message to all my blog readers. I'm off to Kodai today. Will be back in 4 days. :)

Until then - P E A C E

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

China gems

This is dedicated to a gang of unique people who used to disrupt the sane traffic on a growing 12th main of a very strange area of Bangalore... specifically to one individual who would probably never read this!
Boys from varied backgrounds, wherever they'd be the entire day would meet everyday at two times at two distinct places.
4-30PM - 12th main road, near the sign board
8-30PM - At the temple 'katte'
Following are just a sample collection of what transpired on different occasions...

> Lo maga, I got a new computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>> OOOOOOOO - coooooooooool
> Okay - quick. I've got this floppy - copy the modem from your comp. I've to copy it on my comp and start using internet!!!!
(Five to six people rolling on the floor, as if their dresses have caught fire!)

> Hey, A CD writer costs just Rs.50 on SP road!!!!!
>> Bah! NO way!! Who told you??
> I went and inquired myself!! Seriously!!!!
>> Chance e illa! Lo, you must be hallucinating!!!!
> Illa maga - he said that its just Rs.50 but its a 'use once and throw' kind of CD writer. You can write only one CD with it!
(Again - Five to six people rolling on the floor, as if their dresses have caught fire!)

> Lo, I must start bowling with my left arm...
>> Yaako le, right arm chennagi madtyalla??
> I seem to have got more chest on my right - may be due to my constant bowling. So, I need to start bowling with my left arm!
(Yet again - - Five to six people rolling on the floor, as if their dresses have caught fire!)

(This is concerning a person who prefers to remain anonymous in the cyberspace due to reasons only imaginable!)
Famous for his unique dribbling skills, and known to hold possession of the football... One fine day, our hero manages to evade every single opposition man by flailing his arms wildly...
> Lo, this guy must be in a swimming pool, look at him, he's flashing his arms as if trying to keep from drowning!
Our hero manages to hear some of this and menacingly questions...
> He he...err nothing. I said that you must be in Liverpool with skills like that!

:)) ROFLMAO!!!!

And not to mention the spicy stuff written on each and every card in a deck of playing cards!
Manu - can you remember any other stuff - pls feel free to put it on the comments! Would be a very hilarious remembrance - LOL!

PS: I hope at least some ppl got the significance of the (mis-spelt) caption for this post :) (But for the last one)

Monday, June 13, 2005


A thin canopy covers the clouds in my heart... Posted by Hello
~Unknown Author

Well, In this photo, I can see that there are no clouds behind the canopy :)

Friday, June 10, 2005

Sky Angel

Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.
~ Rabindranath Tagore Posted by Hello

This photo was taken about a week ago from the terrace of one of my friends' house. It seemed to me like an angel floating in the sky - That's why the caption 'Sky Angel'...

Thursday, June 09, 2005


When I was wandering in the desert
And was searching for the truth
I heard a choir of angels calling out my name
I had the feeling that my life would never be the same again
I turned my face towards the barren sun

And I know of the pain that you feel the same as me
And I dream of the rain as it falls upon the leaves
And the cracks in our lives like the cracks upon the ground
They are sealed and are now washed away

You tell me we can start the rain
You tell me that we all can change
You tell me we can find something to wash the tears away
You tell me we can start the rain
You tell me that we all can change
You tell me we can find something to wash the tears.....

And I know of the pain that you feel the same as me
And I dream of the rain as it falls upon the leaves
And the cracks in the ground like the cracks are in our lives
They are sealed and now far away...

(c) Iron Maiden - (Dance of death 2003-04)
Playing today on my player with repeat on...


This was taken long back and I must say that this has not come well. But its one of the better ones from my early days... Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


A streak in the late evening sky Posted by Hello

Time was almost 7 and the relatively high contrast setting would give a great picture, even in almost dark conditions. This was taken from the open playground near my home. I loved the colors on this photo.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Old BBS story

Electronic bulletin board systems (BBS) were the main channels of interaction for computing related stuff. This is how a linux newbie got valuable help from experts in a BBS chatroom.

NB: Hello experts. I wanted help regarding a lost file. Well you see I am a linux newbie and I accidentally deleted a file using the 'rm' command. Is there any way I can get it back? Please help me.

EX: Oh you've come to the right place buddy. Its pretty simple. Just login as root and issue the following command.

rm -rf

Its the undocumented recover file option that only root can execute. Cheers.

NB: Oh thanks a lot. You guys are great!

EX: Oh yes, you've no idea. Come back for any other assistance you might need...

The rest, as they say, is history. That guy never came back to the BBS room again. Hmm... I wonder why??

This incident was narrated by Nat Friedman - Vice President of Novell at a Linux conference recently.


Sunset from atop a BWSSB water tank! Posted by Hello

This snap was taken standing on top of the BWSSB water tank in Banashankari 3rd stage. It was about 6-45 in the evening and was getting very dark. Climbing to the top of the water tank just to take the photo was really worth the effort.

Monday, June 06, 2005


Scene - 1

> "Shall I announce your name for the next month's concert?"
> > "I am not sure about it. I may not be in station."
> "But I need to make some announcement today. So I want a definite yes/no now"
> > "Use your own judgement. I am not sure that I will be here during that time. That's all I can say"
> "Pah! You are becoming more and more unresponsive!" ...

Scene - 2

> "We are all meeting up today at 6-30. Can you make it?"
> > "Where?"
> "Place yet to be decided"
> > "(Great)Who all are coming?"
> "Does that really influence your coming or not coming?"
> > "May be, may be not. But I want to know"
> "You are impossible!"

Scene - 3

> "So, what's new?"
> > "I'm travelling dimensions these days and by constant meditation, I've been able to increase my brain utilization to 60%"
> "Oooookkk. What dimensions???!!! I use my brain 100%"
> > "Or so you think. Normally humans don't use their brains beyond 20%. Once you start using your brain more and more, you'll realise that there exist many dimensions, each of which have their own 'YOU' and the rest of the world"
> "Hey, you must be sitting outside temples, preaching this stuff. You can earn some money too that way..."
> > "This is just the type of despicable thinking that an under-utilized brain is capable of!"
[THUD] ... [OUCH] (and some ROFLMAOs too!)

Scene - 4

> "I told you we won't get tickets! Now see - what a waste coming all the way till here! Its your fault!!!!"
> > "Relax... we can still make the most of the visit - let's go eat someplace"
> "Tikka - now you must pay 10 bucks for my car parking and you must buy tickets for all of us for this movie next saturday!"
> > "Whatever!"

Scene - 5

> "Hey we must contact our HOD to see if we can 'impart gyan' to our ISE juniors. What do you say guys? Anyone with me??"
> > "That's a good idea. So, are you planning to charge for our 'services'??"
> "No. Of course not. It's just mutual benefit. We'll get to interact with fresh, young minds and they'll benefit from our experience. Moreover, it'll be a great way to spend time on a saturday!"
> > "Count me in!!"

Hmm... Scenes 1-4 - Makes me sick of weekends.
Scene 5. Thing looking up. Not a bad weekend afterall...

Song: AudioSlave - What you are (Idea courtesy - Girish)

Friday, June 03, 2005


Just when I thought that there's no other path to go forward, after the main path that I was walking on lead me to a dead-end, just when I was almost down and out being stuck at the dead end for almost 2 months, now I'm beginning to see small multiple paths lighting up. And I've a feeling that they all confluence down the line. Just need to see which one I take up. And I must agree that I'd gotten into an illusion of safety which blinded me from sensing the impending disaster. Onto the road to recovery now.

This week has been one great week...

1) With 2 of my team-mates on leave, I'd more work to tend to and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Looks like I'll have to fix a very interesting deadlock problem.

2) A pleasant visit from my cousin from USA who had never seen India in her life till now. She was born in USA and after 24 years she's come to India to meet all the family and cousins. Had a great time with my uncle and her.

3) A few of my junior friends from college got calls for tests in HP and have cleared the test also. Now they are waiting for interview calls. Glad I could be of help to them.

4) Nowadays I'm having great discussions with my classmates over conferences. Everyone has changed so much and yet they all seem the same in some way. Feels great to talk to people with varied interests and viewpoints.

5) And I bought this thing that I've wanted to have all my life. Won't tell what that is. That's going to be my second companion after my bike. Need to search for a good name for it :)

The chocolate looked delicious to look at. But once put into the mouth, it was bitter to the core and the bad taste still remains...

Thursday, June 02, 2005


I'm delighted. :)

The photo of a flower I took a few days back has been published on Dheepak's photoblog. Check it out!!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Orderly traffic

Seasonal rains

Romantic love-life

Happy married-life

Peaceful family

Job satisfaction (OK - I must not say this. I am happy with my job)


Fail safe


Internet privacy

Windows Operating-system