Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Wrath of nature

It could'nt have gotten any worse yesterday. Heavy rains, gusty winds - had to ride home completely drenched. Nobody at home and power cut leaves me in complete darkness. The winds become stronger uprooting a tree which falls right in front of our gate blocking the exit from the house. As I picked up to phone to dial the BMP helpline to get someone to move the tree away, I realised that the tree had taken the telephone wire down along with it. And I have only about Rs.8.00 left in my simcard. I had to sms my dad to give a complaint for the tree and the telephone line. The BMP people never turned up and we had to move the tree away with help from some local people this morning. Finally when power was restored, the TV cable was also found lying on the ground - thanks to the tree! I had to struggle so much to get my bike out of the garage!!!!

All these - Just a minisclue wrath of nature...


  1. It might have been worse in so many ways!

    1) The tree fell on the ground and not on you

    2) The tree took only the telephone and TV cables and not one of the electricity wires

    3) Hmm - I don't want to write down the rest and face your wrath!! :P

  2. @preetam - okay, i should consider myself lucky not having to cope with those scenarios.
    btw - i checked out your blog - still very new i guess...


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