Thursday, May 05, 2005

Strange meeting

It was years ago that we had studied together. Yet, this guy actually found out my mobile phone number and rang me up yesterday evening.

"Remember, the road gang?!"
"Oh! hell yes!! Where were you all these days?!"
"Lots to talk abt eh?! I've called the others too... lets meet up in half hour!"
"Half hour - thats quite a short notice..."
"You in or out?!"
"Alright - be there in half hour"

So, we met at the BDA park in BSK 2nd stage. It was surprising that everyone still were almost the same as they were years ago... All of them are working now. But the road gang still roars! For almost 2 hours, we talked, talked and talked more... It was great to catch up with old friends and felt glad that they still remember all the things we'd done during those days. The rain broke up the meeting after 2 hours...

I got home, fully drenched, and mom was promptly waiting to deliver her lecture :-)) Like a dog, I sprinkled some water on her and both of us stood there getting wet in the rain and laughing. It really was a beautiful day :-)


  1. Might i know any of these "road gang"?

  2. nope - don't think so - it was the high school gang...

  3. felt good reading this post!


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