Sunday, May 22, 2005


One of the less known concepts to me. I never had a very big circle of people around me. Even within the family, I never knew people who are more than 2 hops away from me on the family tree. This almost got exposed last thursday!

Occasion: My sister's house gruhapravesham

There were so many faces around that I had seen earlier on similar gatherings but never knew either their names or their relations to myself! As I was playing with my nephew, I could see mom happily chatting with an elderly lady. Suddenly mom pointed a finger at me, mentioning to the other lady 'That's my son'. 'Uh oh - who's she?!' I thought to myself... I left my nephew on the ground as he was jumping at the taperecorder lying on the ground. I wearily went upto that lady. She began the none-less-familiar parade...

"Oh - look at you. Last time I saw you, you were only this long", she said bowing down almost to her knee level. "Now you must be over 6 feet tall!" she continued. Then followed some usual questions about what I was doing now, where I was working, how the work was, how I commute to work place, what my future plans are, etc, etc, etc.... I thought that it was the end and I started to move away. Suddenly she called me back and asked... "By the way, do you know who I am?!".

'Oh no! I'm doomed! After a conversation of 10 mins, why did she think that I did'nt know her?!'. That I did not know her is a different matter altogether. Just as I was thinking of some smartass answer, my nephew started crying. Someone had picked him up and he apparently had not liked it. Like a hero saving the day, I sprang into action and pacified my nephew and took him away for a stroll outside. In fact, it was my nephew who had saved me from the situation I had gotten into! Thanks Mukul!!!!

Btw - I found out later from my mom that the lady was (ok - hold your breath) - Mom's cousin's wife's cousin's mom! WOW that was a palindrome!!!! :-))


  1. Too close a relative to remember!!!

  2. @keshav - you bet! i still can't figure out why she thought i did not know her after 10 mins of conversation!!!!

  3. I can empathize with you. For me its a slight variation of it. I can remember the person and even the name but I dont remember as to how they are related to me (except that they are related)

  4. @baejaar - lol... i guess its the same almost everywhere... :-))


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