Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Reds are going to Istanbul!

Liverpool beat Chelsea to reach UEFA champions league finals! Posted by Hello


They have beaten the EPL champions Chelsea in the UEFA champions league semifinals! The match telecast was at 1AM in the middle of the night. Just 4 mins from the start, the Luis Garcia goal was enuf to send me into a frenzy - jumping and screaming "GO REDS!". I'm sure the neighbors would be cursing for the midnight madness :-)) You can go have a look at the match report here.

Chelsea needed a defeat to shut their ego filled mouths and asses! Liverpool played really well. The strategy was simple - get a goal asap in the first half and defend for the rest of the game. That's exactly what they did. Even though Luis Garcia scored the all important goal, the real heroes were the Liverpool defenders - Jamie Carragher, Sami Hyypia, Steve Finnan and Djimi Traore. Salutations to all the defenders - you rocked! Yay!

Here's to all the reds! [CLANG]


  1. Cheers! Lets choose to ignore their appalling Premiership form now. According to the new rule, they HAVE to finish with fourth to qualify for the League next season...irrespective of their win in Istanbul.
    Either way, Man U will kick some RED ass next time...buahaha!

  2. lets see abt that! man U have not been in good form lately! :-D


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