Monday, May 30, 2005

Pythagoras theorem

Pythagoras theorem - Perfectly shown in this pictrue of a not-yet-fully fallen tree Posted by Hello

Note: I did not set the tree up like that!! LOL


  1. tu kabhi nahi sudrega re...*full akshaye khanna ishtyle*

  2. I swear I was about to comment the same thing!!

    You philosopher !!

  3. Too much thinking beyond the obvious... :P

  4. @manu - mere paas iske alawa aur kya hai??

    @keshav - me 'thinking' philosopher :))

    @naren - obvious is relative!!

    thanks - thank you all! :)

  5. can u see the profile pic of naren??? Im feeling like tat!!!

  6. @rajendra - hehe! i knew it. did'nt it remind you of TKP??!! :))

  7. beautiful photo! where did u see it?

  8. Cant believe that you thought about Pythagoras theorem.

    Correct me if I am wrong but in pythagoras theorem only one angle needs to be 90 degrees. The other two doesnt matter. Here you had dropped the imaginary perpendicular which could have been done, no matter at what angle the tree is (15 to 75). Still the picture looked good.

  9. @vaibhav - this was next to the playground very near to my home.

    @baejaar - LOL, ya everyone is saying the same thing - "how could you have thought of that??!!". Yes, the imaginary perpendicular could have been put anywhere and the angle the tree makes with the ground does not really matter. I just found it peculiar that someone had set the tree up like that. Probably to keep it from blocking the entire road.

    thanks everyone :)


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