Monday, May 09, 2005


An electronic, self-narrating story book - $45
A stuffed dog that can generate barking sounds - $40
A stuffed bird that sings a melodious song - $38
Watching my nephew play with my helmet instead - PRICELESS!

There are somethings that money can't buy - for everything else, there's my sister's Mastercard! :- ))

I spent almost 6 hours playing with me nephew - the time just flew by. Its just magical how babies just know somethings without anyone teaching them. How does a baby know that it has to smile when it feels happy. I make a funny face and a funny sound, my nephew smiles wide! Of course, very young babies (< 4 months) have only crying as a way to communicate. Its amazing how babies learn from observation. Like, when hungry, he starts groaning and crawls towards the kitchen. 'Cos he's seen his mom prepare cereal there so many times. I find it fascinating how babies find way to communicate. Also, I taught him how to give a hi5! :-)) I don't know the logic behind this - but whenever I put my hand close in front of his face, he claps my hand. May be its just that he's trying to get me to move away my hand that's blocking his vision. I'll take that as a hi5 :-D

Can't wait to play with him again today :-)


  1. amazing. especially if u observe the baby's every single step right from i did when my niece was born. at one point,i envied paediatricians...and no, i wasn't thinkin of MJ..,perv!

  2. this guy still can't walk - he tries to walk holding onto chairs. but after 3-4 steps - pop - he falls down!


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