Thursday, May 26, 2005

Liverpool complete stunning comeback

Liverpool are the best in Europe once again!! Posted by Hello
Match report here

YES!!!! Liverpool completed an unbelievable comeback in the UEFA champions league finals against AC Milan after being 3-0 down at half time. Strikes from Paulo Maldini, 2 from Hernan Crespo had left both the Liverpool players and their fans in tatters. In an inspired comeback during the second half, Steven Gerrard, Vladimir Smicer and Xabi Alonso brought the game back to level terms. When the scores remained tied even after extra time, the game went into penalty shoot-out. The hero of the day was Liverpool goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek. Saving 2 crucial spot kicks from Andrei Shevchenko and Pirlo, Dudek sealed victory and sent the fans into raptures.

The only sad part - No power at my home during the entire night yesterday that left me waiting for my friend's SMS to know the progress!!!! FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK! Anyway, must make sure I watch one of the hundreds of replays on ESPN!

Celebration time!!!! - "You will never walk alone!"


  1. Too Bad u missed it...It's been what our genration of l'pool fans been waiting for!!!! Classic... Hell I nearly did a strip dance !!!

  2. Watching it live was as good as seeing a miracle happening in fornt of ur eyes... At 3 AM midnight i was STUNNED... it was just toooooooo good!! What a game.. what a comeback!!! Awesome!!! woke up everyone in the house due to the noice :D and you also by my msg :P

  3. @sanjiv - ya. watching replays won't be the same live experience! LOL - how catastrophic it would have been, had you missed the word nearly in your last sentence

    @naren - ya maga. liverpool are a good outfit... just need to believe all the time that they can win!

  4. well, im not at all ashamed to tell u tat i hardly watched any match in Champion's league, but i aint a novice either in football.
    I had my bets on Milan :(:(
    They cheated me :(:(

  5. @rajendra - Yep - Milan were favorites... with so many high-profile players. But on this day they could not get their act together! :) And welcome to my blog.


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