Monday, May 16, 2005


A packed day! That's what the saturday was... For starters, I did not have any plans made. I was just to see what comes up and go with it. So, the person who would call me up first with some plan would get my esteemed company! (Hahahoohhoohaohahheheaa) Just as I was wondering who that lucky person would be, my cell started ringing and it was my sis. She had to go shopping for a few items needed for her new home. We left with my nephew in a very sleepy mood. A few miles of drive and he was sound asleep on my sister's lap! After 6 years I could talk to my sister properly - talked all sorts of things for almost an hour. It was almost 4 when I came back home. I was exhausted had just as I was about to got to sleep, my friends call up - "Let's go to the college fest. Will be there at your place in 15 mins. Be ready". 'Alright', I thought to myself - 'Its going to be one of those days...'

There was nothing going on in the college. The next event was the fashion show which would start only at 7! We had 2 hours to kill, with absolutely nothing to do! But we were greeted by many juniors and people like PK kept on blabbering so much that we kept moving thru the crowd. Eventually he would have to call one of us to find out our co-ordinates. "We are near the wide screen display", "We are very close to the cricket pitch", "We are in the central library", "We are in the 4th floor department". Phew, so much use being connected all the time! When the fashion show started, the presenter made it such a drab affair - he was eventually laughed off the stage when he announced that 'For the first time in PESIT, we'd have a bikini round!!!!' - What the hell was that dude thinking?!!? The initial round was a 'Shaadi and Vivah' round. We could see some atrociously outrageous wedding costumes on the ramp. One of the colleges almost had a text-book wedding minus the holy-fire! Gimme a break! One of the teams was disqualified - guess why?! One of the girls on the ramp kissed a guy on stage!! Hahaoeohohoehohohahhahaaa! :-)) That was a hilarious episode. The highlight of the show was the fireworks display that was going on in the skies. I preferred to watch that instead of the show on stage. Really, pathetic music and horrible ambience. I'm not a fashion person - but we could hear grunts of displeasure all over the place. I could not believe that we were allowed to sit and walk around the turf of the new cricket ground. On normal days, one would be fined Rs.100 for walking on it!! We all saw our chance for rebelling and merrily stomped around the whole ground. By the time I got home at 10.00, all my limbs were sore from roaming around the whole day and my throat was aching from all those screaming we'd done!

"AT-05 : Quench the thirst of souls" - YA RITE!

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