Saturday, May 28, 2005

Holy Friday!

WOWIE! What an evening it was...

Friday 3-00PM: All hell breaks loose over Bangalore - it rains like crazy - so much that its difficult to see the building next to our office! Someone bet me to go stand in the rain for a minute and I'd get Rs.25 for that! I actually did that - got soaked and in the end I was not paid the agreed money! Anyway, I love to get drenched and I did that for myself.

6-00PM: I leave office for home. Rains had almost stopped and I thought it was a good time to get home fast. WRONG! Traffic jammed on double road all the way till wilson garden! Took almost half hour to get till the middle of double road. Frustrated with the traffic moving at the pace of a snail with a fractured leg, I take a diversion towards left into a road that I thought would get me to wilson garden sooner. WRONG AGAIN! This road had water till my knees and my bike was almost floating! Never knowing what lies beneath the water, I fell down 2 times - both my legs are pretty badly bruised! Amidst all this, there's no one but the locals to try and diffuse the traffic snarl. I could see many people discussing the bad state of management of the whole jam thingy. There was no difference between vehicles and pedestrians as everyone was fighting to inch forward sooner. Pedestrians were as stranded as the vehicles. To actually get to ashoka pillar took me another 45 mins. There was no place left that I had nto taken to get out of it - gutters, footpaths, potholes, heck I even had to ride over a bunch of steel reinforcements that was lying on the footpath near an ongoing construction site.

After all this, barely half a kilometer from home, there's this road called 'contour road' a part of which is a one-way. In my foul mood, as I was riding thru that road, an auto is coming in the opposite direction with no lights!!!! I snapped and shouted the F word at him. Totally agitated, he stopped the auto, got out of it and came foul-mouthing to me. I stood my ground - he was coming in a one-way and that too without lights! I told - no actually yelled this to him. To my surprise, he said that he did'nt know about that and actually apologised! 'Well, this is something new! I always thought all auto drivers are assholes' I thought to myself. This small incident made me forget all my frustrations of the earlier traffic jam. I had to get some medical attention for my leg. Now its sort of okay.

Time I reached home: 8-30PM. 2 and half hours for 10KMs. That's a new record I guess??


  1. Anonymous11:23 pm IST

    yeah sure ..its a record ..
    that day was sooo messed up!!
    crazy for sure!

  2. I always thought all auto drivers are assholes

    For me, they still are!!!! Nice adventure eh??

  3. sounds like lots of adventure for a friday evening!!!! think about days to come in this rainy season.. good if we get a vacation for rainy season for a month or so! ;-D

  4. @girish - i bet you could'nt have been a second faster than that!

    @preetam - one can't generalize about anything. everywhere there are exceptions to the norm.

    @naren - like summer vacations for schools?? :P


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