Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Echoing advice

After all the advice that I received since last week, now I stand here in an I-don't-know-what state. I don't know 'cos I can give at least 10-15 words to describe my mood rt now. Its not as simple as a finite state machine to describe a human condition.

Of late I've become very obsessed with observing people. Its very interesting to observe people, how they react to the various situations that they're faced with. I don't end up making a judgement as to whether their actions were correct or wrong, but I just like to observe and record some aspects of human behavior. Being a passive observer has helped me a lot over the last month or so. In other words, I've become more passive than I ever was. Its been good for me actually - I mean, not involving myself deep in anything, just sit at a distance and watching things happen on their own. This might just be a passing phase, but definitely one that has benefits...

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