Sunday, May 08, 2005

Drunken evening

There are a lot of things that can happen over a night-out and particularly when the people are drunk. My friends are usually not philosophical, but when they are a bit drunk, they can get very philosophical. I discovered this yesterday! The place was one of my friends home - he's due to fly to california next week for a duration of 5 months. We started talking about college life, job life, nature of job, salaries, career growth plans, etc. Turns out that the better paid people are not particularly happy about their jobs. Then we cooked dinner for ourselves! Thank god we had got noodles as a backup!!!!

By midnight we were almost sloshed out of our senses... one of my friends started a topic about relationships (hey - don't blame me for this - for once I was'nt the one to start this kinda discussion!) - "Lots of people walk-in to our lives and lots of people walk out. How do you cope up when someone walks out of one's life?". There were quite a few points...

1) Does one keep waiting for the person walking away to at least glance back or turn back oneself. 'Cos once we turn our backs, we never know if the other person ever turned back towards us.

2) Turn back from the situation and not from the person itself... that way we can always get back

3) Why bother with the overhead man! Its as good as a zombie process!

4) No one would bother if the person did not mean anything to you - but if the person did mean something to you, then it'll be hard - there's no use wondering abt what's the right thing todo - Just go with the flow and the right things would happen in due course of time...

This was just a summary - the discussion went on for over an hour - and for people drunk to that level, we were not making that much of noise!!!!

We all concluded that nothing could be worse than having to eat our own cooked food!! :-))

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