Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Darn Combinations

const static int ARRAY_SIZE1 = 4;
static const int ARRAY_SIZE2 = 4;
const int static ARRAY_SIZE3 = 4;

What's the difference?? Wait - I need some time to see that they are actually different! But do they mean different things??

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  1. If all are valid.. all should mean the same!!! unlike with pointers... rite?!?

  2. basically - from what i understand from the discussion in the newsgroup, all are valid and mean the same.

    but its better to have it in this order...

    storage-class type-spec type;
    static const int

    @naren: btw - why should the behavior be different with pointers??

  3. sorry.. a diff context.. its alrite with ptrs as well!!


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