Monday, April 25, 2005

Priority Vs Option

Don't make someone a *priority* who only makes you an *option*...

Read this line somewhere - seemed true to me - I mean a sensible thing to a rational mind. Or may be too rational. Its just a thin line that seperates a priority and an option. A priority must start out as a option. So, when you think that someone is a priority, it means that you've crossed the line bordering an option and priority. There might be a delta time difference between when the other person also might start thinking of you as a priority. Reminded me of the classic problem with a SMP system. It all boils down to the policy implemented by the scheduler to avoid spinlocks as far as possible. Well, let me not get into that. Basically, making a statement is like establishing a policy and how it is actually observed or put into use in the mechanism. And as most operating system books say - One must always seperate mechanisms from policies.

I've again succeeded in taking a philosophical point into the technical realm. Sorry for all you frustrated people - But then, this is just ME!


  1. Well buddy.. in some cases you don't care whether you are an option or priority, your affection and concern sometimes don't give a damn to what your mind might try to feel about this option thing!

  2. @keshav - that's the impulsive nature... I don't know whether being impulsive is better than not being impulsive... 'cos I've been both of them and did not succeed with either of them...

  3. Hey Srinivas! You seem to have got me right - atleast to a decent extent! No doubt, I am impulsive but you don't care for others because you are impulsive, its because you appreciate their approach to certain things and always look forward to learn more and give more!

  4. (ponders over the future...)


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