Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Open (the) house?!

3 days of STSD open house. This event promises to achieve constructive interaction across different labs and getting hands-on experience with cutting edge technology that the respective labs are working on. Or so the organisers say...

I don't know the story from other labs. But the way its being organised here is not upto the mark. First of all it was a rather short notice for the people who'd be doing the presentations and demos. Then there were 3-4 "train the presenters" meets - all ending up with more questions than answers. The event starts tomorrow, and the people who are to conduct the demo are frantically going thru a document that gives step-by-step instructions as to how to use the different management applications. Also, the setup that is to be used for the demo is not a test setup but is an active setup that other people would be using for development and testing while the demo would be going on. One minor mistake could lead to those dev people chasing us down lavelle road!

I've got no words to describe this sort of event organisation.

I don't need no civil war...


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