Friday, April 22, 2005

Musings of a diverted mind

Okay, here I am at a training that's teaching me internals of the linux kernel implementation. Its almost 2 in the afternoon and the lunch break is about to end. I had lunch at the cafeteria with 2 people who were also from my building. Today is the last day of the training. There are some things that I learned apart from the course content.

1) Geeky people are cool (unlike what the general misconception is!)
2) Complete fugitives wrt humanity are more likely to find it easy to make aquaintances
3) Dark and mysterious nature is actually considered a turn-on
4) Making money on SP road, right beside the cheap hardware vendors is a matter of minutes if you know how to write simple device drivers in linux (contact me for more details on this!)
4) Last but not the least, I lost most of my respect I had towards malloc

Meanwhile the kgdb session has started and my mind has been brought back forcefully... ciao then!

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