Saturday, April 16, 2005


He was pacing impatiently on the desolated 13th floor of the new venture of Straumberger developers. It was unusually quiet that afternoon. As he was walking back and forth the long, unfloored corridor, all the old memories came rushing to his head. How he had absolutely enjoyed the media limelight and the flashing cameras. All the deafening noise that erupted when he made his signature entry onto the stage with a loud riff of his guitar... Patrick Jones was a very popular member of the forgotten band called Unforgotten. "WAS". It was almost 15 years ago but it all seemed like just yesterday to him.

'Why does Mr.Straumberger want to see me? Its making me nervous. Why.. WHY?!'.

He could not stop thinking, for, Mr.Straumberger was one of the most influential people in Germany. He had had Patrick picked up from his apartment in Austin, Texas in the middle of the night. Mr.Straumberer also had a good hand in the German underworld, or so the talk around the town said. He was interrupted by the screeching sound of the metal lift. As the door made way, He could see 4 heavily built people escorting a burly aristocratic man. Behind him was a man walking with a great swagger carrying a long case. Mr.Straumberger was burly and very snobbish.

'Hello Mr.Jones' said Mr.Straumberger in his curt professional tone.

'Mind telling me what this is all about?!' retorted Patrick. His eye constantly on the large case. 'Was it a rifle, a dragunov perhaps?!' he thought. His manner was very obvioulsy showing nervousness.

'Relax Mr.Jones. We just want to make a deal with you' said Mr.Straumberger with a gleam in his eyes.

'What sort of a deal?' inquired Patrick with raised eyebrows...

The guy writing all this had a wry smile on his face... :-)


What I want to say is: