Monday, March 07, 2005

Shopping alone

I was to meet all of my classmates in a re-union this saturday.
Before that I had to buy some stuff... I called a few of my pals
to see if anyone was free to accompany me. Turned out that
none were. Well then, I thought, nothing new here... and thus
I waded out alone. Went to landmark in forum... I bought a
calvin n hobbes book and was generally going thru the books.
I came across "Effective C++" by Scott Meyers. I alreasy had
"More effective C++" by the same author. Somehow I could
not resist owning that book and picked that up too... Then I
saw the swarovski shop and remembered that my sister is
gonna be back in India in a month's time. I went in and inquired
the prices of a few necklaces. Made a mental note and moved
along. By this time, I was starting to get hungry... The re-union
meet was still an hour away. Went into transit and had a quick
bite of samosas and drank some coke. Then I happened to come
across this really cool Mac showroom. I went in and played
around with the absolutely gorgeous machine for a while. I even
talked about the kernel and shell with the sales assistant there.
He had absolutely no idea what I was talking about. It was 12-00
already and I had to get going. Just then I remembered that I
had buy a pair of jeans I'd been wanting to from a long time.
I went into westside and picked up one within no time and
headed out to the parking lot.

Phew - my hands were full... Initial intention was just to buy the
calvin n hobbes book. I ended up with 2 extra books, and a pair
of jeans and lots of mental notes about what to get my sister and
her new born baby! As much as I hate to admit, I had enjoyed the
time thoroughly, even though I'd dreaded the thought of going alone
- considering that that I yearn so much for company...

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