Thursday, March 31, 2005


Ah - What a vicious circle?!

I usually trust people easily. I don't know
if my feeling is right - But I think I've
been taken for a ride - a freakin' long painful
ride! This circle that surrounds me, or rather
that I so longed to be surrounded with - was
miles n miles away from me - All this while
Iwas thinking it was quite close to me... I
should've known that mirages are seen only
from a fair distance away!

I now spend more and more time alone, 'cos
I sort of started to like it. I am no more worried
if people don't want to be around me anymore.
Have had enough of people taking me for granted.
Sorry - there's some serious anomaly with my
eyes. I cant tell if things are closer or farther

Have you ever felt the future is the past,
but you don’t know how...?
A reflected dream of a captured time,
is it really now, is it really happening?

Yes sir! This is happening... I am changing...

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