Thursday, March 31, 2005


Ah - What a vicious circle?!

I usually trust people easily. I don't know
if my feeling is right - But I think I've
been taken for a ride - a freakin' long painful
ride! This circle that surrounds me, or rather
that I so longed to be surrounded with - was
miles n miles away from me - All this while
Iwas thinking it was quite close to me... I
should've known that mirages are seen only
from a fair distance away!

I now spend more and more time alone, 'cos
I sort of started to like it. I am no more worried
if people don't want to be around me anymore.
Have had enough of people taking me for granted.
Sorry - there's some serious anomaly with my
eyes. I cant tell if things are closer or farther

Have you ever felt the future is the past,
but you don’t know how...?
A reflected dream of a captured time,
is it really now, is it really happening?

Yes sir! This is happening... I am changing...

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Application of knowledge

This is geeky to the core! But a funny discussion

This weekend in a coffee day, we observed the rest-room.
One of my friends had a doubt if the staff have a
seperate one or the entire coffee day had just one common
rest room. Another guy was of the opinion that the staff
had a seperate entrance to the same rest-room!! :-))

"Then this is a classic critical section problem!"
said one of us...

"Yep, there must be guarantee for mutual exclusion"
said another...

"They can probably use semaphores to take care of that,
so that only one can be in the rest-room at a time"
said the first one again...

"There are some problems with semaphores though - lot
of responsibility on the programmer (user of the rest room here!)"

"Ya maga - imagine, if someone forgot to unlock the
semaphore before exiting"

"Right - the other people would suffer indefinite starvation
(starvation of the rest-room :-)) )"

"On the other hand, what if the guy forgets to lock onto the
semaphore before he enters the rest-room?!"

"That would mean its possible for two people to be in the
rest-room at the same time!!!!"

"Semaphores cant be a solution because there are 2 entry
points to the same critical section. This would require some
sort of sync between 2 semaphores."

"Thats also correct... But a feasible solution is to be careful
and to lock both semaphores before entering and release them
when done!"

Some sort of Toilet Control System (EH?!)

Monday, March 07, 2005

Shopping alone

I was to meet all of my classmates in a re-union this saturday.
Before that I had to buy some stuff... I called a few of my pals
to see if anyone was free to accompany me. Turned out that
none were. Well then, I thought, nothing new here... and thus
I waded out alone. Went to landmark in forum... I bought a
calvin n hobbes book and was generally going thru the books.
I came across "Effective C++" by Scott Meyers. I alreasy had
"More effective C++" by the same author. Somehow I could
not resist owning that book and picked that up too... Then I
saw the swarovski shop and remembered that my sister is
gonna be back in India in a month's time. I went in and inquired
the prices of a few necklaces. Made a mental note and moved
along. By this time, I was starting to get hungry... The re-union
meet was still an hour away. Went into transit and had a quick
bite of samosas and drank some coke. Then I happened to come
across this really cool Mac showroom. I went in and played
around with the absolutely gorgeous machine for a while. I even
talked about the kernel and shell with the sales assistant there.
He had absolutely no idea what I was talking about. It was 12-00
already and I had to get going. Just then I remembered that I
had buy a pair of jeans I'd been wanting to from a long time.
I went into westside and picked up one within no time and
headed out to the parking lot.

Phew - my hands were full... Initial intention was just to buy the
calvin n hobbes book. I ended up with 2 extra books, and a pair
of jeans and lots of mental notes about what to get my sister and
her new born baby! As much as I hate to admit, I had enjoyed the
time thoroughly, even though I'd dreaded the thought of going alone
- considering that that I yearn so much for company...