Friday, February 04, 2005

APJ field day...

HP has the practice of setting up interaction between
field engineers and technical engineers. The idea we
(me and my tech-lead) had proposed had won an award
recently and I was chosen to present it in front of the
field engineers.

I came to office early today, checked if everything
required for the demo was in place, packed up the
laptop and posters, and took a cab to the place of the
demo. Here I am, sitting alone, with everything setup.
Waiting for the audience to arrive. I have no clue as to
the technical background of the target audience or
their expectations out of my demo.

Hope it goes on well...


  1. all the best,bitch..i know you're gonna bowl 'em over!

  2. It went well... the audience was mostly pre-sales people who wanted to gather info abt the new products that could have great customer impact... mostly Japanese and Australians...
    We also got bitti pizzas and coke... :-D


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