Saturday, February 19, 2005


Tiring day today...

Had planned a trip to sangama which
is abt 90kms from Bangalore. Left
Bangalore as early as 8-30am. Thanks
to a minor misguidance by our navigator,
we wandered off course for some 20kms.
We reached the spot at 11-30am. Summer
had taken its toll and we were all very
tired due to the heat. We took off our
footwear, put them in a single place and
waded into the flowing Arkavathi river.
We spent about 45 mins savoring the calm
waters and the picturesque surroundings.
When we came back for out footwear, I'm
shocked to find my flotters missing!!!!
Some guy, that thief... he did not want
a 4k woodlands pair but stole my 130 bucks'
flotters. Luckily my friend had a spare
pair that saved my day...

I did not want to tell my parents abt it
(Dont ask me why). As soon as I reached
Bangalore, I went to the first shoe outlet
I could find, went right in, and asked for
a size 9, black colored action flotters pair.
The shopkeeper had a puzzled look on his face.
He'd never have come across such a particular
and assertive customer :-) When he started to
pack the pair, I stopped him, took out the
pair, wore them and told him that he can keep
the enclosing box! The puzzled look just
increased ten fold :-))

At the end of it all, it was a great outing,
had loads of fun with Naren's patented PJs
and Chan's geeky sniggers.

And having organised this outing, I was
chosen the gang's travel consultant... :-)

Friday, February 11, 2005

Work, work, work...

For the last two days, its been very little apart from
work, work, work...

Though, yesterday, the reason for the hectic work,
was my foolishness... I cracked my head till the evening
only to find that the checkpoint trace that I was trying
to capture was not happening because, I was using
PCODE instead of ICODE... silly me!!!!

Also, in the evening, I'd to rush to my friend's sister's
marriage. It was a reunion of sorts... I got to meet 2
of my high school pals and my high school class teacher.
I'd not met them since July 1999. That was the last time
I visited high school when I'd gone to the annual day
a year after I'd joined PU college.

Also, after almost 3 months, I got to meet my non-
coolbluegang classmates. It was back to college days -
we chatted like we used to chat in the OAT during
lunch time. One of the great outcomes of the chatting
was a very "creative" gift for anyone in the group who
marries next :-)) Can't tell what that was here... All I
can say is, I definitely don't want to marry next if
I'm getting one of those!!!!

Friday, February 04, 2005

APJ field day...

HP has the practice of setting up interaction between
field engineers and technical engineers. The idea we
(me and my tech-lead) had proposed had won an award
recently and I was chosen to present it in front of the
field engineers.

I came to office early today, checked if everything
required for the demo was in place, packed up the
laptop and posters, and took a cab to the place of the
demo. Here I am, sitting alone, with everything setup.
Waiting for the audience to arrive. I have no clue as to
the technical background of the target audience or
their expectations out of my demo.

Hope it goes on well...