Saturday, January 08, 2005

Strangely contented

Nowadays I feel strangely contented...
The usual feeling of frustration and the helplessness
is almost gone... I say almost - I'm being careful
here. Did'nt ever cherish having those feelings.
I have always found myself trying too hard, and
in most situations, I end up thinking I should'nt
have had.
OK... now that I'm feeling "strangely contented", I'm
tempted to delve into what brought this welcome change.
"Yo moron... you're in a peaceful, contented mood... why
bother what caused it... its not something unpleasant that
you go to depths to root-cause it..." says my inner voice.
For now, I've taken its advice and have gone on without
thinking about it...
Everyday I grow wiser in this world that is quite
demanding on a human soul... In this ever dynamic
place, I seek a small window of time where I can stop,
and take a snapshot of this part of my life...

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  1. wow...someone's readin waay too much Nietzche!
    well said...and yeah stay contented..


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