Monday, January 03, 2005


Huh - the second day of this new year...
Its the last day of the 10 day long
vacation. After having got my brains rusted
sitting at home, I'm glad that I can go
back to office tomorrow!

After I suffered the massive 10G hard-disk
crash, last year, my music collection had been
reduced to bare essentials. I decided its time to
set it right. So, off I took my lone survivor 40G
hard disk to Manu's place. His comp, after much
complaining and countless reboots, finally showed
up my disk. I took everything I could from his comp.

Today I spent almost 4 continuous hours, listening
to great music, and re-organising my new collection.

Open your heart, I'm comin home...


  1. Being a good friend does not mean rubbishing my beloved comp on ur blog.Be grateful and let the music live,grasshopper!

  2. lol - i see you are very attached to your comp - but dood, comon - what a monitor?! :-))


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