Monday, January 03, 2005

Persistent Reserve-In

Its funny how somethings happen at the very
moment that you don't want them to happen.
And it keeps repeating... from a trivial thing like
getting drenched in rain when you dont carry a
jacket... to a more dire situation like a past ghost
from your life springing a surprise on you, when
you seem to have forgotten all about it.

How do you brace yourself up for these things?!
There's no way, apart from carrying them along
as extra baggage.

Sometimes I so wish human memory was volatile
with only those things that are required to get the
job done... But what the "job" is - its LIFE itself...
Every little thing that we hold in our memories will,
in some way or the other, influence how the "job"
gets done...

Oh well, I've goofed enough on my job - gotta get back
to work... :-)

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