Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Yep - this is exactly what I need... Last 3 weeks
have been most taxing on my mind... Still reeling
under its after-effects. Does'nt look like I'm gonna
find solace anywhere. I don't know if I'm angry,
foul, bitter, mad, insane or a mix of all these...
Whichever is more destructive...

I don't want to lose a very close friend of mine.
But whenever I talk, I end up pushing that person
more and more away from me. I MUST stop
doing that. Making a vow right now not to do
anything from today to upset that person and to
do everything I can to get things back to where
they were a month ago...

I've been talking to 2 of my close friends during
this tough period...
"You're an amazing guy dude. Just hang in there..."
"You're the people's champ man... don't give up..."
Thanks for being there for me...

Its so much of a self-confidence thing. Being turned
down twice, I don't have my confidence anymore. I
need all the support I can get to have my self-confidence
restored... I can summarise what I'm feeling right now,
with this...

"I may be an amazing guy, but should I take a print-out
of it and hang it around my neck?!"

Huh... Well then, as they say, "you can't have it all..."

So nevermind the darkness
I still can find a way
'Cause nothin' lasts forever
Even cold November rain


  1. yessssss...that is correct..you still can find a way!
    boy, you and I need to go get a beer sometime and drown some of that woe!

  2. bill's on you pal... :-D


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