Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Sunday shopping

Sunday shopping

Last sunday, I had the opportunity to accompany
my friend for shopping. This, to me, was a path
rarely tread - for, I always shop alone - until now
that is. :-) And also, my shopping usually gets over
in jiffy. I have a set of "recognized" shops that I
always buy stuff from. Rarely do I try new shops.
Compared to my "style" of shopping, this was
somewhat different - and very nice experience too.
I realized that trying out various shops for
different things on brigade road, on a sunday
evening can be real fun. I’ll keep this in mind when
I have things to buy, the next time around...

In short...
Things bought - a watch, leather belt, cufflinks,
a music cd, a saree (bought not by me)
Money spent - around 6k
Quality of time spent - priceless :-)

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