Wednesday, December 15, 2004

ghostly experience?!

this was almost an year ago...

i woke up rather late at 7-00am. i wearily walked downstairs
and wished my mom, good morning. she looked as if she'd seen
a ghost.
"WHAT?!" i asked her. she came upto me, touched my forehead
and asked if i was alright.
"Ofcourse I am!" i told her and went to the mirror to see if
there was something abnormal in my face! Nothing that I
could notice. I go back to my comp and start working on my
project. Mom silently comes up (she never comes to my room
unless its very important or urgent) and asks me...
"Why were you trying to open the door in the middle of the
night yesterday??"
"WHAT?!?!" I could not understand what she was talking abt...
Apparently, I was walking around the house in my sleep and
also tried to force the locked front door open. All this while, my
mom had followed me around the house...
This was really funny... its never happened again - but mom
sure gets jittery whenever reminded of this incident...

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