Saturday, December 04, 2004


The usual cue club snooker session followed by
the cricket at VVs place... Just another normal
weekend... the only change being PKs treat at
La Casa before these... and I was in atrocious
form playing snooker - almost every shot ending
up as a foul!!!!

Cricket was intense too... I was playing well...
I was fielding near the boundary - I chased a
ball which was heading to the boundary. I
covered almost 20 to 30 meters... the ball
was racing away fast and I had to dive... I ended
up bruising my elbow and the ball still reached
its destination(boundary). Not that it mattered
much in our win later :-)

Later in the evening I just found a great
correlation of this incident to our lives. Just
considering my quest to stop that ball from
reaching the boundary... All of us set out on
many quests in our lives - some small, some
huge... We put in a lot of effort in order to
fulfil our quest. Sometimes we are trying more
than we need to... Only to end up hurting
ourselves while also failing to fulfil the quest we
were after... The thing is, we sometimes are so
blinded by what we are chasing, we can resort
to anything to get it. Its only in the end that we
realise that it was just not worth that effort and
we could have done without it... The bruise may
be ethereal or deep - but it takes time to heal...
But how do we know that it'd have ended up
like this? How would we have learnt the lesson...
For all we know, we could have succeeded and
never would have had to face a situation like that
at all... Afterall we're just humans, not clairvoyants...

Quoting from Linkin Park - "I tried so hard, and
got so far... But in the end, it does'nt even matter..."

PS: Clairvoyant is a person who can foresee the future...

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