Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Birthday conditioner

Birthday conditioner

This happened 2 years ago. Holiday village was the
place where I would become poorer by at least 2k,
on the "joyous" occasion of my birthday. PESIT
females had a tradition of getting 2 cakes for any
birthday. One standard one to be cut and ate. The
other smaller one was to be pasted on the poor
birthday boy/girl. Somehow I didn’t see that coming
and poor unsuspecting me got the whole of my
face and hair smudged in the sticky chocolate cream.
In the urgency of getting the sticky cream off my
skin, I rush to the nearest wash basin, pick up the
soap nearby and start washing the cream off.
Suddenly I hear some person screaming behind me...
he was asking me to stop washing my face... why?
"Sir, that soap is for utensils" he said!!!! Shocked,
I take a closer look at the soap which read V I M.
eeeekss!!! I had to take bath thoroughly after coming
home to wash off not only the chocolate cream but
also the VIM bar traces.

I can’t help laughing whenever I’m reminded of that incident... :-)

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