Sunday, December 26, 2004

everyone's own small lil world...

Earthquake hits Jakarta - tsunami waves hit
the eastern Indian coast. Nature’s ways of showing
its anger are so varied...
There are droughts where people die, unable
to find a drop of water. And floods where people
die trying to get out of water... as ironic as it might
seem... perhaps there's some lesson that nature is
trying to teach us...
What is it? What could it be?

Whatever it is, we must consider ourselves very
fortunate not to have been in any extreme situations
like war, natural calamities, etc. there will be people
who've seen it all... but it remains that for a particular
person, his/her problems, at that time appear the
most important ones...

Right now, I seem to have no problems. The disappearance
of a problem seems to have created such a great void in me
that it seems to be inviting another similar one to that place.
I’m trying to fight it... sooner or later it will happen, but I
don’t know if the end result would be same as the one that
just went out or any different. Some say that I’m slightly
pessimistic, but I’d rather be prepared for the worst...
that way if something goes right, I’ll end up mighty pleased...

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Birthday conditioner

Birthday conditioner

This happened 2 years ago. Holiday village was the
place where I would become poorer by at least 2k,
on the "joyous" occasion of my birthday. PESIT
females had a tradition of getting 2 cakes for any
birthday. One standard one to be cut and ate. The
other smaller one was to be pasted on the poor
birthday boy/girl. Somehow I didn’t see that coming
and poor unsuspecting me got the whole of my
face and hair smudged in the sticky chocolate cream.
In the urgency of getting the sticky cream off my
skin, I rush to the nearest wash basin, pick up the
soap nearby and start washing the cream off.
Suddenly I hear some person screaming behind me...
he was asking me to stop washing my face... why?
"Sir, that soap is for utensils" he said!!!! Shocked,
I take a closer look at the soap which read V I M.
eeeekss!!! I had to take bath thoroughly after coming
home to wash off not only the chocolate cream but
also the VIM bar traces.

I can’t help laughing whenever I’m reminded of that incident... :-)

Sunday shopping

Sunday shopping

Last sunday, I had the opportunity to accompany
my friend for shopping. This, to me, was a path
rarely tread - for, I always shop alone - until now
that is. :-) And also, my shopping usually gets over
in jiffy. I have a set of "recognized" shops that I
always buy stuff from. Rarely do I try new shops.
Compared to my "style" of shopping, this was
somewhat different - and very nice experience too.
I realized that trying out various shops for
different things on brigade road, on a sunday
evening can be real fun. I’ll keep this in mind when
I have things to buy, the next time around...

In short...
Things bought - a watch, leather belt, cufflinks,
a music cd, a saree (bought not by me)
Money spent - around 6k
Quality of time spent - priceless :-)

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

ghostly experience?!

this was almost an year ago...

i woke up rather late at 7-00am. i wearily walked downstairs
and wished my mom, good morning. she looked as if she'd seen
a ghost.
"WHAT?!" i asked her. she came upto me, touched my forehead
and asked if i was alright.
"Ofcourse I am!" i told her and went to the mirror to see if
there was something abnormal in my face! Nothing that I
could notice. I go back to my comp and start working on my
project. Mom silently comes up (she never comes to my room
unless its very important or urgent) and asks me...
"Why were you trying to open the door in the middle of the
night yesterday??"
"WHAT?!?!" I could not understand what she was talking abt...
Apparently, I was walking around the house in my sleep and
also tried to force the locked front door open. All this while, my
mom had followed me around the house...
This was really funny... its never happened again - but mom
sure gets jittery whenever reminded of this incident...

sucker punch

an orthodontist who breaks your teeth
a cardiac surgeon who kills your heart
an animal rights activist who stones a dog

see a trend...?! i've been sucker punched...

Saturday, December 04, 2004


The usual cue club snooker session followed by
the cricket at VVs place... Just another normal
weekend... the only change being PKs treat at
La Casa before these... and I was in atrocious
form playing snooker - almost every shot ending
up as a foul!!!!

Cricket was intense too... I was playing well...
I was fielding near the boundary - I chased a
ball which was heading to the boundary. I
covered almost 20 to 30 meters... the ball
was racing away fast and I had to dive... I ended
up bruising my elbow and the ball still reached
its destination(boundary). Not that it mattered
much in our win later :-)

Later in the evening I just found a great
correlation of this incident to our lives. Just
considering my quest to stop that ball from
reaching the boundary... All of us set out on
many quests in our lives - some small, some
huge... We put in a lot of effort in order to
fulfil our quest. Sometimes we are trying more
than we need to... Only to end up hurting
ourselves while also failing to fulfil the quest we
were after... The thing is, we sometimes are so
blinded by what we are chasing, we can resort
to anything to get it. Its only in the end that we
realise that it was just not worth that effort and
we could have done without it... The bruise may
be ethereal or deep - but it takes time to heal...
But how do we know that it'd have ended up
like this? How would we have learnt the lesson...
For all we know, we could have succeeded and
never would have had to face a situation like that
at all... Afterall we're just humans, not clairvoyants...

Quoting from Linkin Park - "I tried so hard, and
got so far... But in the end, it does'nt even matter..."

PS: Clairvoyant is a person who can foresee the future...