Saturday, November 27, 2004

a very interesting and touching incident...

I was coming back from the routine (Cue Club + cricket)
meet of the weekend and I just got stuck at the training
college circle signal. 155 seconds to go...

A little boy approached me with some pamphlets in hand.
He must have been about 12 years old. He thrust one slip
in my hand. It was some ad about .net and J2ee training of
some computer training center. I said that I do not want it.
He told - "please take this sir, its my livelihood". Pointing
to a lil girl of about 5 years age, he said "my sister has not
had food since morning"... There was a combination of fear
and helplessness in his eyes. I figured that if his sister there
had not had food, he himself must also have been starving
since morning. My hand went to my purse, I pulled out a
20 rs and handed over to that boy. I told him to have a decent
meal soon... He was still holding the pamphlet... I took it from
him... it was 16 seconds remaining to get the green. He walked
off distributing the pamphlets to others...

I've seen many people like this boy, selling vegetables, ear buds,
etc at that traffic signal. I've even seen women holding very
small kids begging at the signal. I dont know how many of them
are fake... But everytime I see them, I feel sorry for them. Is it
the lack of money thats the real problem here? Not directly...
Its the hunger... everyone needs to eat in order to survive and
money happens to be a means to that - perhaps the only means...

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  1. Hey, spelling mistake: "livelyhood" is livelihood.


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