Sunday, November 28, 2004

my first hand at cooking...

"okay - whats the big deal?!" - I said to myself when
I saw the chit on the table. Mom had left it, saying she
had to go to a wedding and since Dad is out of station,
I'd have to prepare rice for myself. She had given clear
instructions as to how to prepare it with exact proportions
of rice, water and also the durations the cooker had to
be kept on...

One such instruction said... "2 cups of water..." The
mistake I did was (probably), pick the wrong cup...
End result : Rice which was VERY (I mean VERY) hard...
And there was only ME to eat it!!!! Ughhh!!!!

It was hard going down and the sight of Chelsea drubbing
Charlton in the EPL match made it somewhat easier... I mean
its a real comedy when even a central defender scores 2 goals
within a span of 5 mins!!!!

Hope I dont get a bad stomach morrow...

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