Friday, November 12, 2004

most inspiring reply

the following is the most inspiring reply i've got to one of the mails i sent when i was feeling low...

dear Srini,

i can't think of a way to react to that absolutely blasphemous mail that u thought up.
i hand it to you that there were some points in the mail where u had quite a case going.
but then...come off it,srini..whatever u may say..lets face it,we all look up to u.plz don't
for one second think that i'm making an essay to flatter you or something like that..fer Chrissakes i don't even know to whom u've 'bcc'd the mail to.the ablative, absolute and
the goddam fact is..we..and i mean all of us think reallygood of you.okay,u r incredibly
consistent academically even outrageously so..butthat apart u r an embodiment of all
thats good.plz believe me,u have played an indelible role in influencing the whole of us.
it is difficult to imagine that someone as amazingly meticulous and so highly principled
as u would actually begin losing interest in studies..pray,plz keep going!we all understand
the fact that studying is simply not your solitary goal in life..believeme,u aint kidding
anyone with that crap..i can still remember the zillion times thati've told ppl that u study
only like 2hrs a day each day and still come up with suchbrilliant results...we admire ur personality as a whole..i've even tried adopting itfor a week or so...and believe me i was
such a rip-off..i've come to terms with the thingthat only Srini can do so modest abt
his capabilities,put on a ready smile each time someone chats up with him,come to play regularly,come to katte regularly,remain such a comp wiz,"work hard,party harder" guy
...i mean its outta this worldto tel u the truth...u sure as hell r gonna find someone fantastic
i promise u that..and i'm really at a loss for worlds for those final few queries..u r highly u obviously 'talk thru matters' with people..u r gifted with like a zillion tons of
patience so u won't ever run out of it..u r at peace withurself which rules out the illusion
that u r losing yo temper..u certainly dont eat anyone's head..infact,being with u is beneficial
in like a trillion ways.about u being avoided...let me not even go there...all said and done...
u've gotta believe this dude..u r still the PEOPLE'S champ!

P.S:hating romantic stories is just about the most abnormal thing u've done this week!

ur friend,


this guy is a real inspiring person. 2 years younger to me, but ages ahead in life ... glad to have someone like you pal!

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