Wednesday, November 17, 2004

make someone's day

Its amazing how you feel so good, when someone says "thank you!"... Just goes to show that everyone needs some appreciation for the work they do... This brings forth a question - so, should we only do something expecting something back?

2 kinds of things can be differenciated... somethings are done for which you are paid... some others for which you are not... people tend to work so hard to earn money... yes money is important in today's society... the whole society is based on the monetary pillar that money is indispensible.

but not everything comes along with money - there are so many write ups which say "money cannot buy happiness" - I tend to agree with them... happiness is something that our heart feels... people can derive happiness from anything - depends on the sort of person that you are... just give it a try - a simple "thank you! i really appreciate it..." will make you feel so happy...

go ahead - make someone's day...

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