Tuesday, November 30, 2004

it just struck me...

recently, i was on my way back home after dropping
my friend back... snap went my clutch cable - i had
to push my bike for abt a kilometer till i found a repair
shop. that guy did not have my bike's clutch cable.
but he had bajaj scooter's cable and he told me that
it'd work fine - "just replace it within 1 or 2 months",
he said. he replaced the cut cable in no time and i went
back home. the clutch cable was working just fine... in fact
i felt better with its tighter action on the gearbox. 2
months passed by... it was then i was reminded of the
mechanic's words. i immediately bought the genuine spare
and got it replaced. this one has a much much smoother
feel to it.

it just struck me - until i got the scooter cable replaced
with this one, it was working just fine... only after
replacement, i found that this was much smoother.
drawing on this similarity - man is usually happy with
what he has... only when he finds that something better
exists, he wants to pursue that. some people are happy
with what they have but some people are constantly looking
for a better life... depends on the individual perspective.
its just a matter of the individual to feel others are greedy
for more or that someone is not at all ambitious... i've been
told by many people that i need to be more ambitious in
life... its just that i'm quite content with the way i am now
and if anything better happens, i'll take it...

afterall, i did not want to get the clutch cable changed -
the warning of the mechanic led me to... :-)

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