Sunday, November 14, 2004



Ever wondered how life would be if there was only crisp "binary" states -
either "this" or "that" - with nothing to take us in between those two?!
You See something - its either good or bad. you either like or dislike it.
Its only whe you have something like 30% hate, 65% like and 5% dunno what -
it tends to become so obscure. Anything for that matter.

To really see, what impact it would have, if everything could be seen as
either of only 2 states, its not enough to just apply in some situation "now".
Rather it would be wrong to do that - for it would not show us the real impact.
Think how we have come this far. Not with "binary" thinking. We have come
this far with the sort of fuzzy feelings. So, we have to go back in time and from
the very beginning, apply this "binary" state of thinking and interpreting things.
If we do that, we can get a more comprehensive view of things. So, if Adam and
Eve had started of with a different set of brains that would support only "binary"
kinda thinking, then apply this philosophy, I saw that the world would be an
absolute dreamy place to live in or an absolute hell.

Moreover, world would still be in existance or long gone. I've seen people
struggle so much, cos they dont know what to do - they seem to have so
many choices to pick from. I'd say, if not come to the binary state,
if people have less choices, its a lot clearer and easier to make a good one.
That's why I consider the "binary" level most blissful. Its not all that bad,
as you might be thinking.

You must be wondering, if this was the case, you can start absolutely hating
the person you like most. Believe me, you wont be thinking that if the world
had started off as "binary". May be, there would be no different kinds of
relationships between people as we have today. Is that really a problem?
Do we really want so many compliated relationships, controlled by complicated

The point is that there must be only 2 points, and no line joining those 2.

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  1. Binary is akin to black-white concept.

    For some reason i am at this post:

    1. Checked blog.
    2. Accidentally checked archive history.
    3. 2004 ... hmmm, quite long.
    4. Started checking old posts.

    Didn't know that your blog was earlier shared and was intended as a shared place.


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