Saturday, November 13, 2004

great lines from great songs


nothing else matters - nothing else matters

death greets me warm, now i will just say goodbye... - fade to black

then it comes to be that the soothing light at the end of the tunnel, is just a freight train comin your way... - no leaf clover

you could have flown away, a singing bird, in an open cage, who will only fly, for freedom... - walk on

you damaged my mind and my soul it just flowats thru the air - phantom of the opera

when you think that we've used all our chances, and the chance to make everything right, keep on making the same old mistakes, makes untipping the balance so easy, when we're living our lives on the edge, say a prayer on the book of the dead - blood brothers

all my hopes and expectations, looking for an explanation, coming to the realisation, that i cant see for sure... - dream of mirrors

there's a thin line between love and hate - thin line b/w love and hate

the age of innocence is fading like an old dream - age of innocence

if you turn to the light that is burning in the night, then the journeyman's day has begun - journeyman

Weaving a thread round your heart and your soul,Deceiving your eyes and delaying your goal,Ships in the night when they pass out of sight,Deliver their cargo of earthly delights,To the women and the children the souls of the dead,I've opened their book and no mercy is shed,
You want forgiveness and you want it cheap,I don't give redemption rewards for the meek,Suffering evil when you pay the price of fame,There isn't a god to save you if you don't save yourself,You can't blame a madman if you go insane,Give me the strength so I carry on - Gates of tomorrow

more in the next part...

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